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Who is keeping the Wall of Topix Silence in place_ update 2

[Posted November 16, 2013]


Corrupt, You’re corrupt, Bring corruption to all that you touchHold, You behold, And beholden for all that you’ve doneAnd spin, Cast a spell, Cast a spell on the country you runAnd risk, You will risk, You will risk all their lives and their souls…………. – Muse, Take a Bow

Gay bashing and bullying leads to suicide death of gay teen

This relative of a gay teen who commited suicide after years of Topix bullying by a very tough troll who is still posting on the forum, one who posts on Christian threads and I suspect to be backed by fundamentalist Christian money, posted this tragic post:

Is homosexuality a sin? thread, Relative seeking answers

Relative seeking answers: You and Topix ought to be ashamed of making and allowing this comment.I have been searching through and reading a great deal of threads and I am starting to piece together the circumstances which my relative, Chartreuse, endured on this site before ending his life.



There is a misconception out there, that if Topix was such a big problem, why don’t people hear more about it? People are unable to fathom the huge problems on Topix because the news keeps them hidden.

It is impossible for them to understand problems without the newzzz spelling them out for them.

There have been people speaking out about Topix for a long, long time, its just their voices are not being heard, the mainstream and Tech media are not giving their stories out, they are staying silent about it, they are muzzling it.

Petitions, for instance, has a lot of Topix petitions signed. Its just one of the petitions sites loaded up with Topix petitions. Toxic Topix has made getting signatures on petitions its main activism, and people have worked hard to gather signtures, but all of them, have fallen on deaf ears. Topix petitions

SV Cronyism

Cronyism is responsible for a lot of the cover-up, someone(s) very powerful in the Silicon Valley is keeping a tight leash on Topix criticism which is apparent throughout almost all Tech media. This guy, what is his role? He makes the Future, Oh really???


Wired magazine, which is seen as an authority on Tech news, has had all of 2 posts about Topix since 2005. Its not like they don’t know about it, you see comments on Wired about Topix, for years, but none of those warnings and pleas, have made their way into Wired articles.

Wired isn’t the only Tech media staying silent. And don’t dare say anything to them about it, they don’t want to hear about it.

Topix’s World-wide network Google attaches itself to


Its not even a question Google is very involved in the cover-up. They have become an extemely powerful media force, media-manipulators, that are pouring money into media, including cover-up of their NSA complicity. The CEO himself gets into the Act:

Eric Schmidt Twitter Status

The money they are making off Topix!!! The site has forums in every State, in almost every city in America, in most Countries and in almost every city in the World (think about that)  all of which are plastered with Google Ads.

Google does all this lip service* to how much “care” it takes in choosing the right ad for the right customer, LOL!!!

In fact they are much more interested in quantity than quality. Google Ads are plastered on threads all over the World at a volume that is very lucrative for them, they don’t think twice about the content/context. Google ad clients often don’t even know their ads are placed on Topix. No doubt, many of them would have a heart attack if they saw the content their ad is sitting next to.

*lip service and invasive surveillance, data gathering and tracking.

Media muzzle 

Topix has a huge network of media partners as a news aggregator, I discuss the extent of it in this post. Its not unreasonable to wonder if those partners don’t report on Topix as they are working with the site, to disseminate their news.

Is Topix a threat to World Peace?

Gannet, McClatchy, Tribune’s Parasite

And here, where I wondered why in the world their newspaper corp. media investors would be so callous as to impose a media black out just to protect their shared ad revenues? As Tolles bangs away at newspapers, journalism and media ethics, a parasite devouring its host:

Speaking out to Chris Tolles, CEO of


People have spoken out for a long time, on Topix, as much as the company does not like that and punishes those who do.

Outside the site, those who speak out have gone to sites like the Complaint Board, to try and warn and urge for action, like this former Topix employee. Commits fraud!

I worked with the management team for Palo Alto, California based, and wanted to expose some business secrets this company uses to make money off of innocent people. allows online users to post stories and topics in their local communities on its website.

However many users use the site to post hateful and defaming remarks about people and businesses, for the fact that the site is not moderated. 

Chris Tolles, the company President & CEO, figured his company could make money by allowing users to post negative remarks about others, than charge the attacked entity to remove the remarks in a timely manner. It became a good source of income for Topix, allowing such unethical issues to be posted on their site. They allow the comments to stay on as long as they can, even after numerous complaints are filed to remove them by users who are attacked by others. 

They recently removed the payment feature to charge to remove comments, unfortunately so many complaints are coming in, Topix can’t handle the burden. The company still refuses to moderate the postings, which continue to fall into the category on internet defamation, in which Mr. Tolles and company are truly guilty of. 

I left the company, after being asked to do other unethical practices by management, and felt I should share my issues with the world!  

This Complaints Board poster raises valid points:

I am not sure there is a more destructive website on the internet

I am appalled at how little the Topix management team seems to care about the content on their site. I am also appalled that even for those that try to avoid Topix like a root canal, if someone post something libelous about you, it goes out into the google search engined within half an hour and comes up looking like real news. This can destroy anyone’s reputation while Topix makes a profit.

The company does not make anyone register for an account with a verified email address and a phone code and the moderation basically doesn’t exist. The only chance of having anything removed (since Topix phone number goes straight to voice mail which tells you they know what kind of site they are running) is to use their feedback system which forces you go on their site and make them some more money and then you can a form letter email which is pretty much more advertising for their site. 

The CEO of the company is constantly putting down journalism and taking potshots at newspapers and from what I read has even went as far as saying “speech is usually more important than the victim.” That is a concerning statement because it shows no empathy toward anyone and basically means there is no intention to ever try and clean up the increasingly vile forums. 

Topix is filled with hate speech, racism, sexism, stalking, child sex trafficking, libel, drug sales, and countless other immoral and illegal things. I am not sure there is a more destructive website on the internet.

This woman begged for help for her granddaughter. So many attacks on families on Topix.

They have slandered my granddaughter very bad and they talk about her little baby son

You need to gone this website and look at the blobs and topix forum and look for Alamo, tn to see what people are allowed to post on this site about people and their families. They have slandered my granddaughter very bad and they talk about her little baby son. This site has caused people to lose their jobs, get divorced, and cause trouble for everyone. Go on the website, type in Alamo, TN and look at what they say about people for everyone to see. 

The suicide deaths from Topix bullying are being kept hidden also by the wall of silence, this woman begs for awareness:

cyberbullying,using names, destroying lives, causing suicides of teens

This site is destroying lives and causing young kids to kill then selves, they allow full names to be posted. Please help.

On and on and on, the harm goes 

Its been over 8 years, on and on and on it goes:

Recently Updated Topix Forums

Please help. Is that so hard??? Do people’s lives matter or not? Do people have rights to safety or not?

All this chimera of morality in the Silicon Valley, yet they stay silent about their biggest atrocity. So does the media, WTF is wrong with them??? Is our Country really that messed up that so much harm to innocent people can be kept hidden by an indifferent media?

Is the Internet a dangerous open war zone on people’s lives, protected by “laws” that protect the sites that house harm, over the vast numbers of people on it?

Profit over People is dead-wrong.

End the Wall of Silence.


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