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What do newspapers do_ A lot, Chris Tolles. updated

[Published JULY 7, 2012 10:03PM]

What do newspapers do? A lot, Chris Tolles. Updated.


Where’s the news?

Eight years ago, in 2006, Chris Tolles wrote this Topix blog post about newspapers and their changing role in today’s media:

What do newspapers do????

Chris Tolles was lashing out at newspapers and journalists, as usual:

Chris Tolles:  What do newspapers do???? *WHAT* do newspapers *DO*?For chrissake.

Well, most of them… his usual troll-talk posturing,  about “Napalm”:

Chris Tolles: (To be fair, there are a lot of journalists who seem to get it…but a lot of folks need to wake up and smell the Napalm.)

I have a few questions for him on his post.

Chris Tolles: The folks on the business side of the newspapers all seem to be working overtime to try new stuff. What’s funny is that the folks who don’t get it are, for the most part, journalists. The ones who most vociferously defend the separation between advertising and editorial are now surprised that when 2/3 of your revenue dries up

Virginia: Because you now don’t have that separation??? You are saying here, your editorial content on Topix, services your advertisers.

Are you saying to “get it”, means to service your advertisers with your content? That means they will therefore have paid-for biases to what they publish and support.

Yeah, real journalists will never “get” that, because that goes against media ethics.

Chris Tolles: “and your industry is in the middle of the biggest shift since the invention of moveable type”

Virginia: Yes. But a shift towards what? Content in service to advertisers? Life-destroying malicious gossip? No news besides hearsay? A site filled with libel, harassment and Hate, like never before?

Where people can and do have verbal abuse and false accusations posted they cannot get removed, or only after too long a time. Posts including abuses involving their families, including having their addresses posted, with death threats sometimes, posts sick to the point of accusing a father for raping his own son, the gory detail posted over and over again, and there is nothing they can do about it, besides suffer?? People are leaving their cities sometimes, to escape it.

Chris Tolles declares, Oh Well!! Topix is practicing “Free Speech” and is protected legally, from anything posted there…………… he brags about how well he sleeps at night:

Tolles Defends Trash Talk On Topix

Chris Tolles: “In any case, we have no legal responsibility to do anything for you and  “impersonation” in this way has little standing in the court system… Anonymous opinion which causes intense emotional reaction is part of our DNA as a country.

…I can sleep pretty soundly.” 

Intense emotional reaction? Or valid fears and legitimate concerns based on real evidence, of harm?

I don’t think anyone had this kind of internet violence in mind, when they envisioned Internet Media, except for someone as sinister as Chris Tolles… For all one can say about Rupert Murdoch,  his media ethics are far better than his,

and also, Where’s the news??????

THESE are the stories being sold on Topix to their advertisers. Its an open question if these public abuse sessions, these modern day Salem witch hunts, this outlet for hatred, have a large audience or its just their participants (who are able to pose as more than one person via IP changing grey boxing) racking up the hit counts, which Topix then hypes to their advertisers.

Tolles calls it all “content”, he brags about the “community” creating its own content, he talks about taking journalists out of the picture in Street Fight:

Topix CEO Chris Tolles: Community Over Content

Street Fight: Does it make sense to spend money on professional journalists to create hyperlocal content?

Chris Tolles: Well, we’re definitely pegging the needle on the other side of that. We’re basically saying that we’re going to spend nothing. Like, zero.

Chris Tolles: So, what we did is we gave people the ability to comment on the existing content and then turned those comments, aggregated those to the forums and gave people the ability to write original stories or essentially start their own threads in the commentary. And that worked out incredibly well.

For who? Who did it work out incredibly well for? For those who are able to separate the making of money from the harm that profit vehicle is causing to the People, for those heartless enough not to care.

People are getting hurt, wounded and damaged, by the thousands and thousands, this I know. Racism is being spread like wildfire, entire cities are having their economic development affected, drug-dealing is out of control, children are being targeted on their Human Sexuality forum. etc. etc. etc.! That’s a lot of Americans. This was never the goal of newspapers. Harm?? Never.

Thank you very much, Topix. Thank you very much, those who covered up for Topix, including newspapers, what were you thinking?

The best part of Tolles’ post said they need to fight back. Hell Yes!!! You bet they do!

– – – – – – – – – – –

Seven years later, Chris Tolles wants a monopoly on hyperlocal news!!! While the whole time, having so little of it on his site. And yep, still kicking dirt at newspapers:

Topix CEO: To Make Hyperlocal Publishing Profitable ‘Be a Monopoly’

Chris Tolles: Trying to run an online publication like an old guard newspaper company is a losing proposition.

What do newspapers do? Protect the public, for one.


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