It’s impossible to put into words the ordeal this blog has been for me, the years of it. It’s a whistleblowing blog on the biggest media scandal coming out of the Silicon Valley, their new media experiment gone terribly wrong. 

In the beginning, in 2010, I began it to report on problems I came across on I assumed once they were made public, change would come, I had no idea what I was up against. 

Powerful forces in the Silicon Valley were protecting Topix, they had control of the media, which had erected a Wall of Silence. My blog braved it all – and all meant the wrath of empowered media – until it was shut down in a closure of all the Open Salon blogs. Thanks to a good friend, I am able to remount.

Virginia Hoge, September 17, 2015

Virginia Olive Hoge is an artist and writer living in Pasadena, California. She was first introduced to Topix when a series of hostile threads and polls were built on the Pasadena Topix forums which attacked her and her liberal blog. The Topix threads built on Topix for Virginia/Ginny/Olive, now number in the hundreds. She has become one of the most trolled posters ever on Topix, stalked the entire time and is well-known there. A fighter, she has fought back on Topix, defending herself and others there. she jumped onto the National Topix forms to understand better what was going on around the entire Country and beyond, and became familiar with the raw, brutal, coarse, dramatic, violent, and mythical world that is Welcome to the outer-limits of free speech, the Wild, Wild West of Citizen Journalism. She was on Topix for four years. What an odyssey it was.

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