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Toxic Topix site abandoned, Founder missing. Update 4

[Posted  June 13, 2014]

UPDATE, January 19,2015

I am more than happy to announce I have heard from Matthew Walters who has told me he is taking a needed break from the longtime work he did with Toxic Topix. People who do no take on problems this big do not understand the heroism involved, it is super-human.

So glad to hear he is alive and well, this is an excerpt from our conversation:

Chris Tolles has used free speech as a convenient reason to keep his site profitable. Everytime judges use Section 230 to dismiss a claim they are SAYING that lawmakers need to change the law. But free speech legislation is not controlled by the people. It is controlled by media lobby. The reason why free speech runs unfettered is because these corporations powerfully fight to have as little legal restriction as possible. It is no different than the NRA’s fight to protect the 2nd amendment, even if people are running into schools shooting children. We have antiquated laws that are not catching up with the times or technology, and powerful lobbies who keep them there.

Original post:

Deceptive Activism

Lots of talk and initiatives going around, trying to build community activism, claiming to be Activists. Too many of them, have corporate funding and agendas secretly at their core, their campaigns are slickly marketed and designed. Here is just one of them:


The Real Thing

The real thing is a lot harder and an act of the Conscious

The real thing is never slick, it is never done for money, it is an act of the Conscious, aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; Awake. Its done because someone sees a real need, and there sure was a real need, when someone took it on themselves to form the embattled Toxic Topix.

Here he is, in 2010, apparently he has Armenian origin, or just was posting on that forum:

Toxic Topix

“When I joined Topix in early 2007, it was wonderful. Lots of interesting people conducting mostly on-topic discussions about all sorts of subjects. Trolls, while they existed, were a marginal presence and were usually promptly dealt with by an attentive team of moderators.

Fast forward to July 2010. Topix is now a toxic waste dump of stalkers and trolls. Innocent posters are routinely being harassed, stalked and threatened.”

Pages from the site and the founder, missing.

Several pages and updates of the site are currently missing. The investigation he did into the relationship between Topix and Google I have fortunately, found:

Search Engines and Topix

In spite of the unethical, unpopular and concerning conduct of and and unclear data as to how often Topix is really used as a reliable news source, major search engines give high relevance to what is posted on Topix, even if it is irrelevant, abusive or inappropriate.  In fact search engines don’t seem to distinguish Topix fake news from real news. – Matthew Walters

Everyone who questions Topix, questions Google, their ads are all over the forum, Topix libel threads load up their search engine and cause so much reputation damage.

The founder himself, is missing. I don’t have a good feeling about this. The man put years of his life into this, why would he abandon the site without leaving a message on it? Why wouldn’t he say he was leaving, explaining why, giving himself and his longtime effort at least some sort of conclusion? It doesn’t make any sense.

I am hoping I can update this with the news that he is fine*, but I have heard nothing since I posted this, and I think I would have, if someone knew where he was. He appears to have vanished and no one knows where or what happened.

*He is!!!

Toxic Topix

I only recently learned the real name of the person who founded Toxic Topix, Matthew Walters, we only spoke twice.  But I know from those times, that he was embattled – from the duel enemies Topix and Google – and had taken on a giant project, with thousands and thousands of victims coming to him for help.


It was like a Emergency Room, a Triage, what he ran and tried to do. Besieged the whole time by Topix trolling and Google retaliation, who got his site taken down at one point, they got it taken out of their search engine, he solidered on until he just couldn’t do it any more.


I had noticed his Help for Topix Victims page, sounding more and more and more desperate as the years wore on and on.

It appears many of the people who came to him for help, thought he was somehow connected to Topix and he was bearing angry, desperate attacks from people who themselves were desperate and frantic, from the life-destroying libel happening to them. When we had talked I realized the volume of people who were coming to him for help. It was overwhelming.

This is the latest, last update to it, he is now telling people to call the Palo Alto police:

Help For Topix Victims

As I have written in many posts, Topix has a dysfunctional feedback system, it clearly is intended to be that way and is a part of their malace.

So incredibly little help for Topix victims! Even if they try and sue – and remember, sometimes this involves loss of a life – they are blocked from seeing any justice by the draconian Section 230 – Topix’s Unjust Legal Shield, Section 230 – which has let Topix off the hook for what they have heartlessly and intentionally, encourged, supported, enabled and Profited off of!

Its one of the biggest injustices in History. That is why I Know, one day it will be righted.

I don’t at all blame the Toxic Topix founder for having had enough. he bore so much for so long. I am hoping he and his records are safe. He kept records from the people who came to him, these are important especially since the Wall of Silence has kept so much of this history, unknown. All of the Silicon Valley and beyond is in a rage about Data. LOL while the data on so much harm, including harm to children, is not being kept.

This whole struggle has been up against forces of ridiculous amounts of Power and Media Control. It did not matter, that there were millions of victims, their hold on the media and on the law, hid their existence.

I am hoping to be updating this soon with news of the safety of the Toxic Topix founder. I hope also, one day he gets the recognition he deserves. No one really realized until fairly recently, the extent Topix is been being protected from exposure. That made it a lot harder on him, its a wonder he lasted as long as he did, these people expressed gratitude for his site:

Toxictopix.webs reviews




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