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Topix tries to blow up its own troll forum. LMAO!

[Published February 11, 2013]


In a display of hari kari, Topix has allowed their corporate-favored trolls to try and blow up their own Internet Troll forum and chase off many of the regular posters.


They have waged a long troll battle on Internet Troll against myself and others, that has so escalated, it has almost consumed, the entire forum. There have been so many bannings, of those who fought back, such injust moderation, such an assault on their own posters.

This has been admitted, by their corporate troll, who was livid when my Op-Ed was published by the Silicon Valley Watcher, and has been trolling me on the thread posted about it, on Topix.

BTW Power and control are the ultimate drugs, both allude you. Yet you continue in your futile quest to be the ultimate arbiter, the judge of Topix.

What this shows is how afraid they are and have been, of me, and of any sign of dissent.

It shows a gamer instinct. It shows how deeply Topix is tied into their “superior weapons”, the ones Chris Tolles talks about here:

“They face superior weapons and a difference in culture and ethics. They are the French in this battle. They die.”

– Chris Tolles, The Bad Guys Win

Blank Slate???


It shows that Topix is not the “blank slate” Tolles has claimed it to be, the slate is not blank, they have their own, ugly input.

It shows what level of manipulation and repression of opinion is being supported. It shows how little they care about anything other than halting any form of dissent. Trolls have their own minds though, more than most people. They are an independent-minded community.

The level of open illegality however they so willingly flaunt, puts posters at real risk, those who dare to dissent.

It takes extraordinary courage, the kind rarely seen, in an environment like this.


“It doesn’t count as hacking when you work for the company and already have access to all the files, remember?”

It shows also how they want to make an example out of me, one that makes others afraid to speak out. It shows their level of fear of me. I have told them over and over again, you are pushing me, not stopping me! I am grateful, ultimately, for this, since there are thousands of Topix victims whose voices are not heard, that need to be.

They do not get, that when some people face injustice, they will always resist and not back down. That injustice itself, forges resistance.

I have fought back long and hard.


They empowered a troll to stalk me who is exceptionally mean and who cannot let go of old grudges from  years ago, grudges she holds about my liberal blog, the Pasadena New Progressive. The Pasadena Troll dragged me onto Topix, over 3 years ago, by attacking my blog there. She has been attacking this blog, on behalf of Topix.

Post about it on your blog.

She flaunts, her empowerment.

I’m not. Especially after the glowing praise Tolles gave you at the last meeting.

On Internet Troll, she has spewed her bitterness from one end of the forum to the other, as Tom Pappas.

What does this say about Topix?

It shows the longing for total control of their forums, the degree of investment they have in bullying.

It shows how resistant they are to ever changing. How afraid they are.

It shows the lack of respect and hostility they have for their best posters, there are some absolutlely incredible posters on Topix.

Check out the longtime troll war waged on Internet Troll. Many brilliant trolls have fought back. They are the smartest, strongest people on the Internet.

Internet Troll Forum

Perhaps the dumbest post, is this one:


A Topix corporate troll, here named The spirit of hatred, is proposing the formation of a troll army. The actions of this troll have led her method of trolling to best be described as: Destroy People’s Live’s trolling. Check out her strategy:

Khornes army

The troll asked for the name to be Googled, she was so proud of it. When I did, I found out Khorne is the Chaos god of anger, violence, and hate. I reminded her with my Tzunammi profile, all of these are self-defeating:


Anger, violence, and hate are all self-defeating

Topix is committing hari-kari. LMAO!

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