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Topix is the bubonic plague of the Internet, spread the word

[Published May 12, 2010]



The wise Topix critic JLS, first coined the phrase Topix is the bubonic plague of the Internet, he also called it a template for evil and intellectual decadence.

His words have come true over and over again. Its not a news destination, as it claims to be, it is a destination for hate, harassment and life-shattering libel. That is what the site supports.

Topix gives potentially life-destroying hate and slander, a free range, without accountability. A home. A weapon. A loaded “gun” to let loose on innocent people.

Chris Tolles is a sociopath who got a crazy idea that took advantage of the way too few Internet laws, the draconian ones that protect harm, to wreck vast harm on innocent people’s lives, for profit. He had zero concern for his fellow human beings and he counted on the fact that others also would not care, if he could make them money. He performs day and night cover-up on Twitter, has no care at all for the truth, he objective is to cull support.

Topix encourages hate, it fosters hate, it houses hate, it spreads hate. Racism at a volume like never before. Encouraged racism that serves right-wing agendas, violent assault, and sets our Country back hundreds of years.

Sub human black people are feral animals unable to evolve?

Thousands of cities and towns have been affected by it, all over the web, all over the World, hate all over the place and the pain and suffering it causes. Topix’s media owners, Gannett, McClatchy, Tribune, stay silent about this as they share digital ad revenue to buffer their other publications, despite Chris Tolles’ declared war on print media.

Speaking out to Chris Tolles, CEO of

So much sharing of profits going on, on Topix. Google is making a mint off their ads all over the site, for example.

I have never understood why their clients would want their ads sitting right next to what can pass for content on Topix, but the thing is, their clients don’t know where their ads are placed, don’t know their ads are even on Topix. Google is full of it to claim so much “superior” use of data. One doesn’t need expensive tracking technologies to look at where Google is placing their ads and cry Foul. Its dumb their ad placement and shows little care for their client’s concerns or value.

The Silicon Valley has created a hate machine like never before, and the vast majority of it, is sitting back and enabling it. Don’t even get me started about the NSA, which I revealed 4 years ago was working with Topix. Why?? Are they all that inhuman?

Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Which is why hatred needs to be fought, countered, called out. Its a toxin that destroys civilization. In town after town, just like in Jamestown, NY, they are asking why what is going on has been allowed to go on for so long:

who thinks topix should be shut down

The lives destroyed or severely affected, number in the tens of thousands, and mount every single day, there are many deaths from it also, entire communities affected. Over six years this has been going on. Children harmed on the site every single day. Bigotry is being spread Internationally.

Every minute on Topix, madness:

Recently Updated Forums

The huge, International size of the company, has spread this plague world-wide. The selling of illegal drugs on Topix is spreading criminal drug dealing and drug use. The perversion on its Human Sexuality forum, is the very worst on the Internet.

Valium, Valrelease, Diazepam Forum  

Human Sexuality Forum

The Silicon Valley needs to step up and address this monster it has created, enabled and sheltered, and put a stop to the vast harm, the madness, the plague.


Profit over people is dead-wrong.

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