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Topix has me wired…….. lol

[Posted October 23, 2011]

News is a weapon too important to leave to people who can’t even figure out how to run a profitable business.” – Chris Tolles, CEO of Topix

“…they don’t understand which side of the Agincourt analogy they are on. They face superior weapons and a difference in culture and ethics. They are the French in this battle. They die.” – Chris Tolles, CEO of Topix

Whoa! lol. I have been on Topix for over two years and stalked the entire time by one of these Topix superior weapons, a troll who uses many profiles and names.

Here are two samples, of the thousands of similiar comments she has posted to me:

Kelly wrote:
I hate your guts, Ms. Hoge, and I wish you were dead.

Kelly wrote:
I’d love to see YOU in a snuff porno video.

This same troll recently posted this, which proves the extent to which I have been monitored on Topix.

The troll is mixing up inaccuracies, with a revealing look into the extent this troll – and Topix – is watching me there, and the fact that my private messages on Topix are being read by her.

We in the office….

Mr Math: “28,700 plus comments on ONE single account over a period of 699 days.

That rounds out to 41 comments per day….

Add in the gray boxes – proxy socks – counterfeit socks – plain old socks – time spent getting posts removed – creating threads – changing in and out of accounts – having posters banned (who’ve gotten the better of you)- always having the last word on threads – picking out just the perfect youtube – private messages – phone calls etc.

thats what we in the office refer to as one who takes Topix WAY to seriouslykinda patheticand cowardly

This comment also was recently posted:

“We have you under surveillance. We are watching everything you say and do.”

Topix is very afraid of me and my opinion.

The monitoring of me on and off Topix shows the extent to which they are. The fact that their trolls also batters me  while monitoring me, proves that Topix likes to lash out and hard, against those whom they dislike.

Force doesn’t stop anything. People are notable in their dislike of being what to do, and to clobber someone on Topix, is only going to make that person get off the couch.

Topix seriously believes, in Hate. Its no wonder right-wing politics are making themself at home there. No wonder they defend cyberbullying so fiercely.

They believe this so deeply………. it is a method they advance with a striving for and energy put towards, a cover-up even, that is truly absurd.

I am living proof of this.

I believe in Love.


Hate is easy; Love takes courage

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