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Topix Drug Forums Shut Down

[Posted January 24, 2014]


What happened?

Without warning, without notice, without press, Topix’s drug forums, forums with thousands and thousand of threads, thousands of users, have been shut down. The only media at all, came from Topix itself, a thread that was, of course, taken down.

The url’s of their drug forums, first led to a Page Not Found notice, replaced by this notice that they have been “discontinued”:


OxyContin, Roxicodone, Oxycodone Forum

Valium, Valrelease, Diazepam Forum

Vicodin, Acetaminophen/Hydrocodone Forum

Xanax, Alprazolam Forum

Marijuana Forum

Viagra, Sildenafil Forum


Media Silencing

These forums were huge! As someone said, they were the closest thing to an open air Internet drug market there was. The drug dealing was International, lasted many years, was the cause of many deaths, AND made certain people, very, very rich.

They were unbelievably sheltered from exposure. I wrote a post about them 3 years ago and in all that time, have only seen one other press mention of the Topix drug forums. I could not believe it when I first discovered them. It was like watching drug dealers conduct their transactions right out in the open, and no enforcement in sight.


Drug Dealing on Topix. Yikes!

For years, no press would touch the subject, meanwhile you would hear of the deaths, either posted on Topix by friends and family, or coming from International papers, deaths that were not counted or reported on by the American press, and certainly not by Tech media.

The dealers and scammers were having a field day, they never had it so good!!! They felt safe enough to give out their contact information, to offer samples, even make YouTubes advertising their wares.

Drug Dealer’s Topix YouTube

What major Internet crime news like this – Topix’s drug forums were huge, high volume and International – what other crime anywhere on this scale could happen and get the preferential silent treatment which Topix is always given???

Cold Ca$h


Oh, the money that was being made there. The connection$, the advertiser$, the money launderer$, the shipper$, the moderator$, the bitcoin$, the media partner$, the SV tycoon$, the benefactors of all that Ca$h.

The Fluffer’s Perch

MEANWHILE, back at the Meme fluffer’s perch on Twitter, this Drug King Pin, the man directly responsible for so much harm, deaths, illegal drug dealing, etc. etc. etfckingc…… sits free and clear and Tweeting, in a social media environment far, far removed from his site:



Enough. If someone is going to run a huge, online drug market for years and that market gets shut down, the public has the right to know every single detail of what happened. Investigation is needed not only into why they shut down, but what happened on them.

The cities blighted by the drug dealing filling their forums, like Belfast North Ireland, they deserve some closure. Drugs are still being sold on Topix forums, the Glasgow Scotland forum still has drug dealers on it. The dead kids, the grief of their parents and friends, their lives were worth something and certainly worth exposing the menace behind it.

Expose them all and make sure, madness like this never, ever, happens again.


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