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Topix Bans Olive

[Posted September 19, 2013 ]


Olive was my fourth and last name profile on Topix. It was banned without warning or explanation after a long, long period of being heavily trolled on the forum.

Topix was mad, mad, mad at me and from the beginning, the way they showed this was by copious enabled, tolerated trolling. They gave over their entire main forum to it, at one point. Sexual harassment is common there, very, as a method of their trolling, just one sample:

Olive has Jowls wrote:

O My god this must be the Dike thread headed up by the queen of head herself Olive.

How goes the welfare queen anyway.

Been working your way off the Social welfare ranks giving those $2 BJs Olive.

Been a while you dirty freak hasn’t it. is your mother still alive or have you killed her yet?

Now go cry to topix you dirty pig

etc. etc. etc. so much more of the same. I fought back and resisted it all and when they realized they could not beat me into submission on the forum, they banned me.

Censorship was all that was left them to try and stop unstoppable Olive.

So much censorship going on there, lots and lot of bannings. Its all B.S. their free speech claims, like an Authoritarian Regime, exactly like that, how they run their forum. Battery and abuse all over so many of the forums especially the local forums, unfair moderation, unjust comment deletion, but if anyone dares to say anything negative about Topix, they cannot stand that. The posts, deleted, the critic, banned.

tpx1379577791-5448316 ¬

Why are the Mods removing posts that are critical of how the forum is run?

Because the Mods are censors who don’t want to hear criticism of the forum and don’t want anyone to complain, afraid it will make for more complaints. They don’t like resistance.

Because the forum refuses to reform. I say this after 4 years of hoping they would, they will not. They refuse to. Things keep getting worse on Topix, not better. All they care about is the number of hits which they hype to their advertisers as traffic. The fact that a single, manic troll can post day and night as different names, makes for funky stats sold to advertisers who don’t consider this. The fact there is a and a, and that the forum numbers have for the most part gone down, not up, advertisers are in the dark about this (which is pretty funny considering one of their biggest advertising merchants is Google Ads which is known for its tracking, guess there are some things their trackers don’t track).

Money, money, money, by any means nece$$ary… Making Money On Topix, Anything Goes

If anyone stopped a minute to think about it, they could guess they would be like this, Tolles has never made a secret of his loathing of ethics.

Chris Tolles.

tolles-chris1379577457-9870433 ¬

The fat slob sits on Twitter all day long and plays his Act there, the Meme fluffer, culling support – taking full advantage of a social media platform where you can block, unlike Topix – while he virtually ignores his site.  The man could care less about what happens there, the so many lives shattered, the forums in chaos. My guess is all he does is sign the checks of the lawyers who fight the so many lawsuits that pour in, people trying to get some justice for their shattered lives and businesses, mostly to no avail. He stays on Twitter all day and night, meme fluffering, until he stumbles to his car to go home.

Every now and then he spouts some platitude about Free Speech, its all B.S. like what he said here:

“This is the future, this is what it’s going to be like. It isn’t always going to be pretty,”  “People want to talk about what they want to talk about. … Who is to decide what you or I get to say? … I’m just a platform providing a forum for people to say what they want. We’re just a mirror.”

Topix is not a platform to say what you want. They are no mirror.

What fluffering Tolles, a misanthrope, gets off on and craves, is abusive language. That is what he fosters and “cheerfully” supports, so long that is, as its turned on anyone besides himself, his Topix staff or Topix.


Is Topix giving out users personal data to the NSA?

No post of mine here on Open Salon was more heavily trolled than my NSA post, the post angered Topix and for years afterwards I was trolled for it, over and over they went on for example, about my “tin foil hat”.

When the truth came out about the NSA that was as bad as anyone could have possibly imagined, the payments, the criminal deviousness, the sharing of data by the Tech giants with the NSA, Tolles amped up his Act on Twitter to try and deny involvement, even though years before, he had proven his guilt, over and over again.>>> More Topix NSA cover-up

Much more needs to be written about what in the world the NSA is doing dealing with Topix, the lack of ethics there, the destruction of communities, the selling of illegal drugs, their human sexuality forum… the gathering up of our private data, without consent.

National Security????????? Where??

Wall of Silence

Much more needs to be reported on about Topix. I have born a heavy burden made so much heavier by the fact of the existence of a wall of silence Tolles has somehow rigged up. The sheltering of the great harm going on there in this Country and around the World, the hiding from the larger public awareness of the massive abuses of people’s rights, the racism, the extremism, the corruption in the managing of the site, its all been enabled. 

I will handle that burden as long as I have to, I can handle anything after what I’ve been through. The truth will come out. Rarely has a company put out soooooooo much effort, with a core malicious belief in bullying, for so long, as Topix has sent my way. One person, unstoppable Olive, they are so angry at and so afraid of, one they are unable to silence.


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