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Topix And The Great Disc Drive In The Sky. Updated.

[Posted February 17, 2014] 

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What I don’t like is they are able to spy on you. – Jack Howard


I have had a long time to unravel the mystery of what Topix was doing with its users personal data and the NSA.

I first wrote about it after being alerted to what was going on by the whistleblower Jack Howard, who posted comments to this blog in November of 2010.

Is Topix giving out users personal data to the NSA?

What I don’t like is they are able to spy on you.

Virginia,This “Topix” operation isnt about “ad revenues” or money at all really. This is a top down fascist operation where Topix is able to spy on citizens, profile them, invasion of privacy, etc. This is what is really going on. 

The “Tolle Trolls” can observe the habits of millions of Americans, perhaps report them to law enforcement, mess with their credit report, etc. 

The Justice Department should shut Topix down, but the problem there is the organized crime interests that run Topix, enjoy a very high level of support and protection inside the Justice Department.

I have been watching this for over a year. They have hacked all my information and are not shy about letting me know. They also intentionally “hint” or make a deliberate “mistake” when “taunting” me. This allows them a degree of deniability. Instead of feeding back my address they’ll intentionally list a residence that is just slightly off the truth.

Jack Howard
November 30, 2010 10:01 AM


“I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under.” – Edward Snowden

In June of 2013, Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA with revelations that shook the World. I am a big fan of this man, his words ring to true to me.

Big Tech were named as accomplices to the NSA, but they have been doing everything possible to distance themselves from this since the Snowden revelations came out. Its been so crazy.

My original post however, had a link on it to a 2011 post that talked about Google’s surreptitious relationship with the NSA:

Watchdog Group questions Google’s relationship with NSA

Consumer Watchdog published a report, “Lost in the Cloud: Google and the US Government”, that highlights Google’s relationship with NSA and claims the search giant has also “inappropriately benefited” from close and secretive relationships with other government agencies.

I now think, given the overwhelming, continuing effort to hide my NSA post, to shelter Topix from exposure, that my post was a big sore spot for Google at the time and since then, one it has used its considerable media pull, to try and keep hidden.

The Why

I have found out why Big Tech has worked so very hard to distance themselves from the NSA scandal (and been so afraid of me) our data is considered a major asset to them, they have invested years and years, in developing the technology to lift it and an entire marketplace to hawk it.

There are huge companies that openly continue to grab up, mine, invade, sell and share our personal data, including our emails.

Check this out:

3 Challenges Facing Marketers in 2014

The best way to acquire firsthand insights on your users is to start at the source — their social networks. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ collect millions of actionable data points on their users such as their locations, emails, genders, interests, likes, social graphs, and more. Businesses can gain direct access to these insights by leveraging social login on their digital properties, which captures social profile information in a permission-based manner.


Its interesting to see this next to what Snowden said about the NSA:

To do that, the NSA specifically targets the communications of everyone. It ingests them by default. It collects them in its system and it filters them and it analyzes them and it measures them and it stores them for periods of time simply because that’s the easiest, most efficient and most valuable way to achieve these ends. So while they may be intending to target someone associated with a foreign government, or someone that they suspect of terrorism, they are collecting YOUR communications to do so.

The Great Disc Drive in the Sky

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Its big, big, Big Data.

Topix was not alone in sharing their user’s data, Google is connected to Topix and it was with Google, Topix was sharing their user’s personal data, along with the NSA.

The Great Disk Drive in the Sky: How Web giants store big—and we mean big—data

Big Data is a HUGE enterprise, tech companies will name it as their biggest “asset”. Why they continue, depite everything we now know, to host huge conferences:


Its BIG money to them, our private data. A company like The Rubicon Project, boasts:

“Rubicon Project pioneered advertising automation. Its technology platform, which leads the industry in terms of total user reach, is used by hundreds of the world’s premium publishers and applications to connect with top brands around the world. A company driven by innovation, Rubicon Project has engineered the Advertising Automation Cloud, one of the largest real-time cloud and Big Data computing systems, processing trillions of transactions within milliseconds each month.”

Learn how the Wall Street Journal:    •    Increased yield through use of first party data and direct orders


They are connected, longtime, to Topix. Their charade is that they are doing this all in the service of advertising. The fact is, they are invading privacy and resposible for the lifting of millions and millions of people’s private data.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Party Data: What does it all mean?

“First-party data is king. Everyone knows that any company not collecting and activating first-party data from their properties is basically leaving money on the table.”

What is their connection to Google? Do they turn all this first party data they lift into third party data by the selling/sharing of it with them?


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Google is a PR fanatic. They market themselves continually to hide their own spying and surveillance. Look at this  initiative:

“Security is a top priority for Google… You should be able to use the web without fear that a criminal or state-sponsored actor is exploiting software bugs to infect your computer, steal secrets or monitor your communications.”

Announcing Project Zero

LOL!!! And what about them?

Its a diversion tactic I have seen them use many times, distancing, blame-deflection, pointing the finger away from themseleves.

Absurd. Its all screwy and surreal. A world turned upside down. There is now public awareness of the great danger of spying, yet these companies continue to plow ahead with their Cloud.

I know from first-hand experience, how ruthless Tech can be, it is not good at all they have so much of our data. The cover-up alone, of Topix by their media, is not only wrong but heartless. The extent of it was never better proven, than when Topix’s huge drug forums shut down without a peep from the media.

I now think that the XKeyscore spying tool that I learned about 2 years before Snowden:

Terrorism on Topix of NSA Whistleblowers

was probably developed by Tech, tried out on Topix, developed with NSA money and shared with their oh so good friends – then, when nobody knew.


Big Data is doing exactly what Edward Snowden warned us of, they not only have the same capability as the NSA, the NSA got it from them and funded its development. What Edward Snowden, then years later, found out about:

The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything

With this capability, the vast majority of human communications are automatically ingested without targeting. If I wanted to see your e-mails or your wife’s phone, all I have to do is use intercepts. I can get your e-mails, passwords, phone records, credit cards.

Regain the rights to Our Data!

Its spying. Its surveillance. Its wrong and very, very dangerous for the People.

I don’t want to live in a world where there’s no privacy, and therefore no room for intellectual exploration and creativity. – Edward Snowden

Snowden warned of the danger, I am warning and have warned of it also, as have many others. We need to do everything possible to regain Internet Privacy and the get the government and Tech’s hands OFF of our data, their nose out of our business. Its for the benefit of the all, a benefit for the future of our Country, the future of the World Wide Web.

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