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The Vast Harm Of Topix

[Posted February 10, 2014 ]


The wise Topix critic JLS, first coined the phrase Topix is the bubonic plague of the Internet, he also called it a template for evil.

His words have come true over and over again. Its not a news destination, as it claims to be, it is a destination for hate, harassment and life-shattering libel. That is what the site supports and profits off of.

Its been extremely hard to convey the extent of the International harm and life destruction happening on Topix. Its massive. People do not want to accept the fact that there is a scandal going on this big their press favorites won’t report on.

The Wall of Silence is keeping a lid on what’s going on there, which I have written about.

Who is keeping the Wall of Topix Silence in place?

The few times I do see Topix mentioned its too common for the jist to be: Oh, those Appalachians who post there are so crazy, stay away.

Why even the CEO Chris Tolles, spreads this misconception:

Topix is very popular in the feud states.

LMAO. Topix is not popular, anywhere. It has replaced newspapers in many small towns, but even then, it is not popular. People being dragged onto Topix to try and defend themselves – the sinister motive of the enabling support for anonymous grey box cowards whom Topix, with glee, rings up the hit counts with – is not popularity. As for “feud” States, their forums are all over the South, but they are also all over the entire Country, in every single State, there are plenty of them here in Southern California.

Its a bigoted rumor that has been spread, one that is blaming the problems on the site on cultural issues, rather than Corporate Corruption  (and governmental indifference to it, the extent of which has to be big) which in fact is what it is.

images-1361392030261-2376190 ¬

Hundreds of thousands harmed

The best way to begin to get an understanding of the scale of what has happened, is to look at the Topix Recently Updated Forum’s list, which is updated every minute, all day and night long. Look for the real names on it, they are always there. If one took the time, to count the real name attack threads that are on Topix in just one day, it would be clearer, the scale of the harm, how vast an area it covers, how many lives are affected.

Recently Updated Forums

Remember though, this list does not include the International forums, Topix has forums in almost every Country in the World. It also does not include their Human Sexuality forum, where pedos are to be found day and night.


Chris Tolles: “We here at Topix are champions of free speech and will cheerfully enable anonymous insults and salacious gossip.”

“You don’t get to gag the [Topix] users to not talk about you.” “In 2012 everyone is to one degree or another, a public figure.”  “I can sleep pretty soundly.”

Topix encourages abuse, has from the beginning of Tolle’s tenure there. The posting of addresses and phone numbers is tolerated on the site, for instance. I have for years fought the posting of PI (personal information) they not only allow, their corporate trolls do it. Abuse, threats and harassement, are tolerated and welcomed on the site. The abusers learn from each other, act out their worst impulses, have no accountability for doing so, it is spreading hatred and harm like wildfire. Its THE Holocaust of media.

Its been 10 long, devastating years. The Topix disaster is and has affected hundreds of thousands of lives. Entire communites are having not only their citizens but their economic development harmed.

 Grey Boxing

Around 2010, the use of grey boxing exploded – being able to post unregisted and to easily switch names, locations and IP addresses – suddenly posters could change their location and names, to even more easily hide themselves. Grey box cowards are running all over the forum. It has never been easier, to attack another person without accountability. The victim’s name is up on the thread, the attacker’s is hidden.

Never easier, and protected by a “law” that will go down in history as one of the most violence-supportive “laws” of all time. I write about it here:

Topix’s Unjust Legal Shield, Section 230

thisweekinstartups-thisweekinstartupsep09withchristolles611-6584862 ¬

The Monster

Chris Tolles has many times bragged about his business model that profits from enabling libel and abuse of innocent people, harm to children. He has bragged about seeking to make money in the muck, bragged about the profitablity of being a “bad guy”:

Topix Weblog: News Flash: The Bad Guys Win

But Jeez, why is it that all the old newspaper guys think there’s some giant pile of money at the top of the trust pyramid? There isn’t. All the money is at the bottom. In the muck.” – Chris Tolles

They face superior weapons and a difference in culture and ethics. They are the French in this battle. They die. – Chris Tolles


So much HARM to Women on the site

In just one catagory example of the vast harm of Topix, harm to women, the scale is horrifying. A post like the following, is extremely common, average, on Topix, on real-name attack threads that are put up with ease, but not taken down easily. The feedback system on Topix is notoriously dysfunctional.

She is the most obnoxious, ill spoken , inbreed person on here. Not only are her posts hard to read because she doesnt know how to use a comma, she cant spell to save her life.she sounds like a minipulative whore. always talking about how weak men are, blah blah blah . all these men love her because she cheap! everyone loves a sale! 

i hope she gets aids, and dies. after her uterus falls out, and the herpes spread to her face. 

one more thing sweety , tuck them lips back in your panties before you trip! 

Here are two Google search for results, which reveal page after page of Topix defamatory thread results. Google caches Topix threads so even if they are taken down, they turn up in the search engine.

Search Topix, Sluts

Search Topix, Dead Beat Moms

Women across the Country and Internationally are having to deal with harsh attacks that are affecting their lives, costing their jobs, hurting their families, the works!!! They have to deal with all this suffering, without exposure in the media, without any law on their side.

images-91400890427-4288516 ¬

The Don’t Want to Hear about it Syndrome

As a Topix whistleblower who has been for so long speaking out, I have noticed that even if people do get some idea that something very bad is going on there, they don’t want to think about it, they don’t want to hear about it. Since the press does not report on it, they can get away with this.

Harassment on a Massive Scale to Small Towns

Stop The Harassment

I wrote this post, Stop the Harassment, after seeing a plea for help in Greenville, TN, posted on the main Topix forum to Chris Tolles:

There is a problem in the Greeneville TN forum. We need a mod really bad. A man just committed suicide after months of cyberbullying and the bullying is still out of control. Please help. The un-modded posts are ruining our town and people’s lives. Please help us.

He never answered.

Emotional Terrorism

There is a new effort out, to find some justice for the victims in Greenville TN: Court Order Allows Topix Website Depositions

The words of some people in postings of Greenville Topix threads amount to nothing less than “emotional terrorism,” Foster said. 

That is exactly what it is, emotional terrorism.

2000ad_judge_death_by_simongurr13886876871392027633-4520962 ¬

Chris Tolles is quoted, and gives his usual ice-cold perspective:

“It is the local watering hole. Gossip happens there. We are willing to take things down (if) someone goes over the line, but we are not going to take things down just because it makes people uncomfortable,” Tolles said. 

“We are used by lots of people for lots of things, and we try to be a good corporate citizen,” Tolles said. “We have a feedback system. There are ways you can reach out to us.”

Besides, Tolles said, “A lot of gossip turns out to be true, so who am I to say you can’t talk about your neighbor?”

The feedback system is inept. Good corporate citizens? Topix? LMAO! True? Gossip? The gossip on Topix is almost never true, for him to say that… as I have written, the man is a sociopath. He should be put away, far, far away, from having anything to do at all, with other people’s lives.

Portrait of a Tyrant, Chris Tolles

The People are not safe. Their lives are open targets, exposed to the extremely dangerous new media of a sociopathic tyrant. The man is a great danger to our Country.

chris_tolles1392025569-3292035 ¬

> Encouragement, support and enabling of the abuse and libel of innocent people

> Employment of a dysfunctional feedback system that allows the abuse linger, permeate and to go on and on.

> Harm to children on a vast scale

> The spreading of every form of bigotry, homophobia, racism, the works.

> Harm to social services, on a vast scale

> The many-year lifting of Topix user’s private data, denial of it going on, ongoing data invasion.

> Housing for 7 year illegal drug forums, supporting the criminality on them.

> Support of libel of businesses

> The use of the site to persecute critics, the censoring of criticism.

> Dehumanization, Inhumanity

> Misrepresentation of the site as a news destination. Cover-up performed.

tornado1392998489-9839659 ¬

The Topix tornado has been roaring through cities around the World. This scandal is so big.

Justice can and will come, harm to people doesn’t vanish because its not being reported on by the media, its Real. It doesn’t go away because corruption wants it hidden, its not gone, just because its being hidden by the media, Google, corrupt partners.

The light will come on, and every single wound will be avenged, get ready for it, Silicon Valley. You cannot destroy lives like has been done on Topix and not have an accounting coming to you for it. Wake up and deal with the nightmare coming from the SV.

Profit over People, is dead-wrong.


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