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The Sparkler vs the Fireworks. Updated.

[Posted July 10, 2014]

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I waited patiently for a year after the Snowden revelations came out, for Glenn Greenwald to finally address the entire issue of what Snowden just opened up, not solved or fully revealed. I defended him. My enemies had put a shadow-ban hack on my Twitter account, which was shadow-banning almost all my comment replies on his posts, to censor me. I many times wrote to Greenwald, telling him about this, no response. Still I gave him the benefit of the doubt. The fact that he was singled out by my enemies for the bulk of this devious censorship, I hoped might mean they thought he was fair.

He has proven though, to not be interested so much in the big issue, to rather be picking and choosing, based on a very personal, politcal agenda, which parts of the Snowden documents he will reveal and most importantly, which parts he will not. His vehement, right-wing, angry, anti-government sentiment  governs everything he does, even blinds him to the issue to which his name is attached.

This is not right.

What Google is and has been doing, what I stumbled on 4 years ago on this blog, is 100X worse than the NSA’s spying. It is that much more dangerous for all of us and the two of them have long been working together. Defense budget money continues to pour out to develop spy toyz. As I have written in The Dark Ages of The New Digital Age, the plans going on, the data hoarding, the subterfusion, the promotion and sheltering of extremism and life-destruction, the power-grab, its all urgent News. This is another Glenn Beck interview with Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen:

‘Do You… Even Believe in the Constitution?’

Original post:

Glenn Greenwald’s Sparkler

Glenn Greenwald, who has been ignoring this blog and this whistleblower has been running around Twitter making his latest announcement from the Snowden documents, Edward Snowden gave him stewardship of.

He is almost always angry, and one has the right to ask Why? He gets so much support from the media he is always bashing, and the ACLU, and EFF, they reprint his posts and spread his name around, he won the Pulitzer and other awards, it is never enough for him.

He has conspicuously been avoiding the Corporate Culprits in the PRISM scandal and his latest revelation – the one he promised would bring “fireworks” to his grande finale – is this one:

Meet the Muslim-American Leaders the FBI and NSA Have Been Spying On

Civil Rights Organizations Demand Answers From White House on Surveillance of Muslim Leaders

One Topix thread, puts out more agitation towards Muslims, since that’s what Greenwald is so interested in, he can check them out, the thousands of them.

Along with making his latest soap box pronouncement from the increasingly distanced from Snowden files, he has been taking pot shots at Democrats and liberals whenever he can, like these recent Tweets:

Here’s @digby56 on the self-involved, shallow contortions of Democratic NSA defenders

And no, Dems: it’s false to claim that “the program ended in 2008”. It’s a 2008 doc, but much of the surveillance says “sustained”.

Of course: surveillance state defender Hillary Clinton finds it upsetting only when fellow elites are surveilled

Contemptible creatures: Dems who spent 2005-08 screeching about dangers of NSA, only to become its most loyal defenders over the last year

He clearly likes to troll, OK, but when you win the Pulitzer for your work on an Issue, and are entrusted by as respected a source as Edward Snowden, one should be able to assume, that its the issue you care about, not taking pot shots for political gain and snark.

I and this Open Salon blog, have much bigger fireworks than Glenn Greenwald.

July-4th-Fireworks-in-San-Jose.jpg ¬

Is Topix giving out users personal data to the NSA?

Jack Howard, Early NSA Whistleblower

Wake Up Call!

That is the plain truth.

For all his boasting, my revelations here on Open Salon, affect a whole lot more people, a whole lot more Americans, a whole lot more people around the entire World. They raise the needed issue of Big Data’s involvement. They raise the issue of the safety and security of millions of people’s lives and rights.

As Greenwald and the Media continues to suspiciously ignore this story, I get to ponder why forums in This many cities, the U.S. forums alone:

US Map and States Directory – Topix

are being kept out of the newzzz. Hundreds of thousands of cities across America! The reach, of those connected deviously to Topix, the data lifted, is so vast.

map-of-united-states-1949-6598627 ¬

Look at this, forums in just one State:

New York Directory – Topix

Starting to get an idea of how many people are affected? How many people are being shut out of the “news” radar? Now look at a couple of forums, Utica, which I have written about:

Utica Forum

Rome, NY:

Rome Forum

Check out the forum listings for a few other States, the busiest forums are listed at top of the lists:

California Directory – Topix

Texas Directory – Topix

Kansas Directory – Topix

Georgia Directory – Topix

North Dakota Directory – Topix

Arizona Directory – Topix

Then check out the Topix forums around the entire World, in every Country, in almost every single City:

World News Directory – Topix



They even have the military bases loaded up with forums. Why?:

US Military Directory – Topix

All Greenwald & Co’s carrying on about racism, unfairness, the NSA (whose Topix association I caught years ago), they and the Media will ignore this… ?!? Racism all over the place. Violent extremism at a volume like never before, libel, everywhere!

And from what I can gather, its all because Big Daddy Tech – Google & Co. – says so. They are controlling the media, pulling the strings, keeping the press away from this huge story, fireworks so enormous they make that sparkler look like one little match. That is the truth.

Do the math (where are all those Data Journalists, hmmm?) How many people/businesses/cities have been affected in the ten years of Topix? How much data harvesting, how many lives affected, how many businesses/schools/social services affected, how many?

When they finally take their head out of the sand, what will be left? What will be the repercussions?

head_in_the_sand-461x307-1521932 ¬

Does Cheating Pay? Is it rewarded?


gty_documentary_citizen_4_kb_150222_16x9_992-1513605 ¬

This is not what those who believed in the message of Edward Snowden wanted to hear or wanted to happen and what I have been saying for so long, is that the issues Snowden exposed to the wider public, were and have been, very, very real.

Its very dangerous, the lifting and sharing of private data which I stumbled onto in November of 2010 and the big problem has been, that the corporate culprits were and are, very much involved and very determined not to let the Snowden exposures affect them or their business in surveillance, in the slightest. Its going to be up to the People to filter out their propaganda and get to the root of the problem and to insist on the return of their Rights.

Its all about, the Future. Our common future and the future of the Internet.


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