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The Pasadena Troll on Topix

[Posted April 19, 2012  ]


Updated 2

In this New Digital Age, the potential for stalking, for bullying, for obsessions, has never been greater. Trolling and bullying is something Topix believes very much in. Tolles is very fond of bullying and its a method he has long used, to beat up critics.

Since I am the critic he is most obsessed with (the man is so paranoid on Twitter, he has many times called anyone who attacks him “Ginny”) I have born the brunt of his petty lashing out.

A corporate troll was latched onto me, stalking me, the minute I went onto the main Topix forum and it was very clear, this was the same troll I had been so battered and trolled by, on the Pasadena Topix forum, the same troll that brought me onto Topix.

The fact she lived close to me, right here in Pasadena, with all the threats she has posted, was just another part of what I have had to face down.

The troll was funded, she not only trolled me around the clock, she produced several trolling YouTubes, bragging about the cost of them on Topix. She has had the favor and support of the Topix Moderators. She is all over this thread, in grey box, trolling me with hacking threats, the Moderator comes on the thread and backs her up:

Message to the Topix Mods

Its not really surprising.

Chris Tolles never intended for Topix to be about the “Free Speech” he has so often used as justification for what goes on, on his site.

What he intended, was to manipulate media, to the service of his politics and brutal obsessions. He does not care in the slightest about human life, he made a commodity out of their suffering, a commodity that he was able to protect from exposure via a very powerful partner, who faciliated this and thus, is equally guilty of the great Harm caused there.

Corporate Troll

This comment posted by this troll, shows the connection to and support by the site, of this corporate troll:

Sweetie, you’re in my forum. I do get to define your role here. You see, I’ve been here since the beginning and ol’ dad knows who I am. You’re just a plaything. 

As I wrote in this post: Topix’s Unjust Legal Shield, Section 230 the use of corporate trolls, by Topix, takes away that “legal” shield they have so long leaned on, to save themselves from any responsibility for what goes on, on their site.

The information must be “provided by another information content provider,” i.e., the defendant must not be the “information content provider” of the harmful information at issue.

The Wall of Silence which protects Topix, is keeping this breaking of the very law they lean on, out of the news and out of the Courts, where all the time, Topix lawsuits are going on.

Its been like that the entire time.

Topix (Topix!) has so given SO much leeway, such free, unimpeded range, to conduct criminal activity and so much harm, on their site.

Its unprecidented in History, the scope of it. There have been brutal dictators but never before did their territory span the entire Globe.

US Map and States Directory – Topix

The troll has grown more and more crazy from spending day and night on Topix for over 4 years, displaying clear signs of mental decay and derangement. She has always been a sociopath, its just gotten worse. She remains supported by Topix, despite this. This raises a big concern, given the malice of the troll, a sample comment:

Perhaps you missed my first post but no I don’t know you could care less about you , you don’t mean a damn thing to me. In fact you mean as much to me as the spider I killed in my bathroom this morning before going to work. I could care less if you were to catch fire and burn to death scream in agonizing pain in front of your children while they watched in does that answer your question.As a matter of fact that about sums it up the way I feel about any of you on this thread. About you and any of your family members in fact if you all caught on fire at the same time I would view it as a fire works show and probably would film it for later viewing pleasure. and hope all your screams would be auditable.

Warnings to the communities of Pasadena and Altadena about the presence of this dangerous internet sociopath, are needed. An investigation is needed, into her funded attacks on the Pasadena schools.

She is a name-changer who trolls under many, many different aliases mostly grey box but also with registered profiles. Trolling over my NSA post, was common:


The PT:  That’s right! Thanks for all the account numbers and porn downloaded from your hardrives!

Seriously though you are messed up. The NSA has been notified.

She is a Tea Party troll, and attacked the parcel tax for the public schools in Pasadena with her trolling.

crazy_patches1334882735-6904624 ¬

idiot_patches1334882766-1337622 ¬

Patches Ohoulihan: Wow, you are disturbingly disturbing.

You are hurting your own cause more and more with every dumb post you make. Please people, if you think Ginny Hoge is crazy, it would be even crazier to approve this parcel tax, do your own research and you will see that “No” is the right way to go.

City of Pasadena Seal used to post rape threats

She has no hesitation, about using the Pasadena City Seal, as a troll avatar on Topix, check it out:

pt_admitwhois1334883152-5092591 ¬



Pasadena Troll:  You would like a rapeshower avatar

I contacted the City of Pasadena about her use of their symbol as an avatar while posting rape threats.

I never heard back from the City Attorney to whom my concerns were forwarded. This was clearly because of the continuing local corruption I first exposed on my Pasadena blog.

Still, its a pretty big infraction of Justice, for Pasadena, of all cities, one which prides itself on its civility, to have the City Attorney, condone the use of their City Seal no less for the use by a troll posting rape threats.


– – – – – – – – –

On Topix’s Internet Troll forum, she has made a huge pest of herself, posting long, disturbing perverted fantasies as Tom Pappas:

Tom Pappas

– – – – – – – – –

The troll is not exactly a stranger to the Mods, this same troll built a thread for the Topix Mod 15:

You deserve your own thread.

– – – – – – – – –

I built a thread for her comparing her to King Pest, by Edgar Allan Poe.


kp21334883469-8375012 ¬

Is the PT King Pest?

She did not care for that, but was more concerned as always, about her identity, which she has worked so long and hard to conceal, despite the fact that she brought me onto Topix by attacking my Pasadena blog, where which I knew who she was and she did not hide her identity.

On Topix, for years she worked to hide her identity.

The “Pasadena Troll” is supposedly

The “Pasadena Troll” is supposedly a woman named Kelly, who has been stalked by Ginny for YEARS. In realty, the “PT” is the name Ginny gives to whomever she thinks is Kelly at the moment. She uses “PT” because she learned that she’d get banned if she kept using the name “Kelly.” 

I had to let her know, how many times, just in one day, she had expressed similar fears which did nothing less than to prove who she was! After all this troll has done, it never ceases to amaze me how cowardly she is. But that is how it always is, the bigger the bully, the bigger the crybaby.


As blatant as ever, this Corporate empowered Topix troll replied to my comment on the King Pest thread: “Look, I was just doing my job“:


Olive: Yes, the very one who brought me here, on Topix. That is the irony.

Look, I was just doing my job.

Look, I was just doing my job. And considering how well they paid me, I wasn’t about to let my employer down.  

I replied:

pt31334884654-6516098 ¬

Olive: Well, I would think at this point, your employer would be asking some hard questions……..

To which she answered:

Maybe you should give them a call

Maybe you should give them a call, and ask them to investigate. 

Why bother?

What good would it do? They back her up and have for a long time, she is completely protected by Topix. Chris Tolles wants her there and her fellow corporate trolls, who without a doubt, are all over the site, many on the political threads.

Her contant trolling, the severity of it, has had unintended consequences (for Topix) though. I would never have heard of Topix, but for the Pasadena Troll. This blog would not exist, but for the Pasadena Troll.  I lasted 4 years on Topix, despite being stalked the entire time by this empowered sociopath.

I was the wrong person to attack, I fought back. I never backed down. All of her empowerment (and its another blog post, and a novel, just what I went through on the site)  was futile.

Other trolls on Internet Troll, which she has attempted to dominate: Khornes army have not exactly grown warm to this troll. She trolls the forum day and night, switching names and profiles, with no hesitation to use personal information and obscene, perverted slurs.

This is where it really gets crazy, i.e. Topix is funding corporate troll attacks on trolls who post on the site, their troll forum no less. Imagine Facebook doing that or any other social media, like Twitter. Imagine Twitter funding corporate trolls who beat up on Twitter posters… but that’s Topix, and Tolles’ madness.

This is where good irony comes in too, though. Chris Tolles was SO fond of trolling, but he was totally unprepared, for the Independence of Mind, of many trolls on Internet Troll, who he quickly became threatened by. All of them. Such a bully/coward he is, as always.

The Pasadena Troll is neither healthy or sane.

But neither are Chris Tolles or his partners. They are mad.

Their fate is to be like the tigers running round and round the tree, chasing each other’s tails, until they turn into melted butter. That or in the arms of the law, finally doing its job. Isolated, from the respect they crave above all else. Either way, they both make cautionary tales, about the predictable end, of so much evil intent.


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