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The Dark Ages Of The New Digital Age

[Posted July 20, 2014  ]

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In April of 2013, Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen, were at the top of their game, and what a Big Game, it was. Their New Digital Age.

The New Digital State?


More than two years ago, as governments on two continents were preparing to launch anti-trust investigations against it, Google began moving aggressively onto the turf of states. Today, Google is arguably one of the most influential nonstate actors in international affairs, operating in security domains long the purview of nation-states

The Google execs saw themselves as nothing less than Saviors of the World, practicing “digital Statecraft” and helping the United States government combat “illicit networks”:

Google’s most explicit and organized foray into state domains has been under the banner of Google Ideas, its “think/do tank.” Jared Cohen, who gained fame as a rising star of “digital diplomacy” at the State Department, joined Google in October 2010 to launch Google Ideas. It began with a trio of initiatives under the broad umbrellas of counter-radicalization, illicit networks, and fragile states. Through the unit, Google has collaborated with state authorities to dismantle what it calls illicit networks, such as drug cartels and human trafficking, and worked with the U.S. government’s broadcasting arm, Voice of America, to run the “first phone-based constitutional survey” in Somalia.

King Google, is soooooo arrogant.

All Hail the New King GoogleI for one welcome our new insect overlords. ???? – Rich Skrenta

Most of all, this is a book about the importance of a guiding human hand in the new digital age.  – Eric Schmidt

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Digital Diplomats, Oh Really?

All this comes as big surprise to anyone who knows Topix. Illicit networks? Like the Topix drug forums? Which ran unimpeded by intervention or press for many years until they shut down in January of 2014, in the same absence of press they had thrived in.

Topix Drug Forums Shut Down

Human trafficking? Like the Topix sex forum? loaded with pedofiles, child porn traders and dehumanizing encouragement of so much depravity towards children and families. This illicit network has been in operation for many years, again, sheltered from any revealing or investigative press besides this blog. I wrote in the post about Eric Schmidt’s hypocrisy: Google not only has its ads all over the forum, its threads in their search engine, for years been making a mint off of it, there is no doubt they are one of the main enforcers behind the Wall of Silence over Topix. 

Shut Down Topix’s Human Sexuality Forum!!

Dark Ages

Why these digital diplomats even claim to want to fight violent extremism:

It has even staked a claim in the fight against violent extremism, in which there has “traditionally been an over-reliance on governments,” as Cohen wrote in a post on Google’s corporate blog nearly a year ago. 

LOL!!! Like the violent extremism all over Topix? I wrote about some of it, on the Sanford, FL Topix forum:

Racism on Topix. The Sanford FL forum

Extremism by the truck load is all over Topix and its being enabled, supported, encouraged. Sheltered.

More. Life-destruction, with the destroyers given the luxury of complete non-accountability for their violence, is happening all over the Country and in European cities as well, on Topix. I have been speaking out about it for 4 years, its been incomprehensible to me how so little alarm has been raised concerning the so much destruction of innocent lives.

As I have written, its much more of a Dark Ages, than advancing anything good, their New Digital Age.

Too many cities around the World have for so long dealt with the media disaster of all times, are living in the Dark Ages of the New Digital Age’s feudalism and brutality. Its ice-cold indifference.

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The more you read about The Digital New Age, the more you see how it compares to the inflated, inhumane, crazy ideas of the biggest tyrants in History. It has the same salavating power-lust to it, the same desire for Control. They have high-priced tech tools at their disposal, why they even brag of how they have broken Privacy. So much interest is exposed they have, in social engineering.

These 10 revealing passages from the book, from an interview with Glenn Beck, are worth excerpting in full. Check them out:

10 revealing passages from Google’s Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen’s ‘The New Digital Age’

During their conversation, Beck and the Google executives discussed a wide variety of topics — from flying cars to the Constitution — focusing on the interplay between technological advancement, privacy and security.

One of the technological innovations that Beck believes is useful for understanding the collective consciousness is the “popular notes” feature of Amazon’s Kindle. To that end, we thought compiling the most popular passages from Schmidt and Cohen’s book would prove an apt way to preview the major themes of their work, and provide crowd-sourced insight into the most striking takeaways from the book.

As such, below are the most highlighted passages from “The New Digital Age,” in order from most to least highlights.


“On the world stage, the most significant impact of the spread of communication technologies will be the way they help reallocate the concentration of power away from states and institutions and transfer it to individuals.”

“Concentration of Power” – these technofacists are extremely power-hungry, and so all one can conclude by this statement, is that they think they can plant and pick and chose, the individuals who have power.

Civilizational advance

“By 2025, the majority of the world’s population will, in one generation, have gone from having virtually no access to unfiltered information to accessing all of the world’s information through a device that fits in the palm of the hand.”

Are they really accessing all the World’s information though? Its more likely they are accessing what they have been allowed to see.


“Identity will be the most valuable commodity for citizens in the future, and it will exist primarily online.”

This is troll-logic.


“The Internet is the largest experiment involving anarchy in history. Hundreds of millions of people are, each minute, creating and consuming an untold amount of digital content in an online world that is not truly bound by terrestrial laws.”

Anarchy – shed of humanity –  the promotion of it, the advancement of it, their desire to enflame and foster it, gives a good explanation as to why they have worked so hard to enable and to shelter Topix and its massive bigotries, its willingness to support life-destroying libel, to the point of rigging up a press black-out on the vast harm it has caused, hiding even the many deaths.

Loss of privacy

“The impact of this data revolution will be to strip citizens of much of their control over their personal information in virtual space, and that will have significant consequences in the physical world.”

Crazy, they openly admit to it!

Dissonance between technology and geopolitics

“In the months following our [Schmidt and Cohen’s] trip [to Iraq], it became clear to us that there is a canyon dividing people who understand technology and people charged with addressing the world’s toughest geopolitical issues, and no one has built a bridge.”

They are the last people to appoint as diplomats, given their longtime sheltering and profiting off of life-destruction.

Virtual reality

“In this book we aim to demonstrate ways in which the virtual world can make the physical world better, worse or just different.”

Personalization and customization

“The key advance ahead is personalization. You’ll be able to customize your devices—indeed, much of the technology around you—to fit your needs, so that your environment reflects your preferences.”

Humans, not machines control our destiny

“This is a book about technology, but even more, it’s a book about humans, and how humans interact with, implement, adapt to and exploit technologies in their environment, now and in the future, throughout the world. Most of all, this is a book about the importance of a guiding human hand in the new digital age. For all the possibilities that communication technologies represent, their use for good or ill depends solely on people. Forget all the talk about machines taking over. What happens in the future is up to us.”

Don’t say (or type, or “like”) anything you don’t want on the front of the NYT

“Since information wants to be free, don’t write anything down you don’t want read back to you in court or printed on the front page of a newspaper, as the saying goes. In the future this adage will broaden to include not just what you say and write, but the websites you visit, who you include in your online network, what you “like,” and what others who are connected to you do, say and share.”

This last passage is an open admittance of their hoarding the Data they have lifted for so long (and searches and Likes and friend’s) it is prediciting the use of it for blackmail and Control! Something I have long warned of. Openly. Bragging about it. It is nothing less than criminal admittance of Guilt.

One thing they got right, in The New Digital Age, is that Humans, not Machines, control our Destiny. They just cannot pick and choose which humans. Human beings are very resiliant and very resistant to being told what to do. I do not believe their Authoritarism can last, and the fact of there being so much effort to hide the existence of Topix and this blog, proves how afraid they are of its exposures.

Over and over again, I have found them to be cowards. Their main methods are suppression and disinformation. There is an in-built Endtime to corruption on this scale, it does itself in eventually.

The Internet still has a lot of possiblity. This Dark Digital Age – and all the crap it has included – will be shed for a better Newer Digital Age.


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