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Terrorism On Topix Of NSA Whistleblowers

[Posted June 17, 2013]

Without asking for public permission, NSA is running network operations against them that affect millions of innocent people. – Edward Snowden

Citizens with a conscience are not going to ignore wrong-doing simply because they’ll be destroyed for it: the conscience forbids it. – Edward Snowden

I can’t in good conscience allow the US government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world. – Edward Snowden

Terrorism on Topix of NSA Whistleblowers

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Hacking YOU is not illegal. It’s condoned by Homeland Security. – Ginnys Hacker

I’m a freelancer assigned to you by HS. We’re watching you – Ginnys Hacker


Kill Virginia Olive Hoge – Paparazzi

Unlike Edward Snowden, I was not in any way involved with either the NSA or cyber-security, when fate crossed my path and comments about the NSA’s involvement with Topix were posted to this blog, in November of 2010. Like him, I felt it was important to follow my conscience and alert the public to what was going on. No matter what.

The issue was completely hidden from the public’s eyes at that time, 3 years ago. That left Topix and the NSA free, to lash out at whistleblowers, their criminal activity hidden by the wall of silence.

These guys at Topix somehow tapped my phone and then began to post my phone conversation.Unbeleievable 

Jack Howard
November 27, 2010 05:30 PM

I wrote up a post about it. The post I wrote about these comments, sat unnoticed by the press, despite my many attempts to contact them. No one was interested in picking up the story. The protection and sheltering Topix receives from the press is, as always, shocking. It has been a brick wall of sheltering silence.

Is Topix giving out users personal data to the NSA?

Around the time I published the post,  I also posted a thread on Topix, to alert the Topix community to the invasion of their private data.

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Message to the Topix Community from Virginia

Jack Howard, the name of the source who had first contacted this blog, posted on the thread. He talked about the hacked info threats he was receiving on Topix.

I have been watching this for over a year. They have hacked all my information and are not shy about letting me know. They also intentionally “hint” or make a deliberate “mistake” when “taunting” me. This allows them a degree of deniability. Instead of feeding back my address they’ll intentionally list a residence that is just slightly off the truth.  – Jack Howard

Another poster, OnePissedOffMama described a back-and-forth with Chris Tolles on Twitter over the issue:

“I’ve just had a Twitter back and forth with Tolles. He’s playing you like you are string puppets and you’re too stupid to see it.

He owns you. And he will only own me until I get a new computer and a new IP address.

You’re all screwed and you don’t even know it.Guard your bank accounts and all your personal information, change your passwords, because someone in here, and it might be one of you, can get it.

It’s April Fool’s in December, and you are all the fools.

Think I’m kidding? Try to cancel your Topix account. Can’t be done. You’re cyber-snatched.”  – OnePissedOffMama

Left wide open

The lack of press response to my post, left me wide open to the many trolling efforts waged against me on Topix in specific reaction to my post. I described some of them in the post.

There were more.

I took down the post at one point, to try and halt the relentless trolling, the many death and rape threats, I faced over my NSA post.

When that did not help, when the post kept being brought up by trolls on Topix, I reposted it.  That got me hacked and the worst hacking threats posted, threats that were eerily similar to what Snowden described the NSA capable of:

They quite literally can watch your ideas form as you type  – Edward Snowden

I was terrorized on Topix with hacking threats describing this method, over two years before his revelations came out:

Why not type it on your computer and we can check your spelling. – Pasadena Ginny

On and on and on they have trolled me over my NSA post, here are just some of the theats I received:

That it will Viginia, March 15, 2011. Would you like me to put a little reminder in your Documents folder? – Pasadena Ginny

I’ve already gone into her calenders and put in the anniversary dates to pop up in 2012.You should see the e-mails in her mailbox! OMG! – Handmaiden of Satan

A peak at your bank records shows you need a real job. You’re a financial mess. And I wouldn’t put off answering those IRS emails any longer unless you like jail. You making nice with Virginia for money to bail you out? – Pasadena Investigations

Write this down, you are on double secret probation. We are watching you 24/7. – Pasadena Investigations

He is, we are given your information by Topix, and yes Ginny Chris is fully aware that his employees are doing this.How do you actually think we were able to install that program that logs and sends us each keystroke you make? – meabadboy

When I told them what they were doing was illegal, they flaunted their hi-tech tricks and lawlessness:

Ginnys Hacker wrote:
This will never hold up in a court of law. We’ll simply have it erased from the mainframe and all backups. And we know how easy it is to fake a screenshot ????

Ginnys Hacker wrote:
But it’ll all be just a figment of your imagination by the time the subpoena surfaces ????

Ginnys Being Hacked Now wrote:
Didn’t think about a decompiler and reassembler, did ya?


This recent Guardian article, makes it all-too-clear, the NSA complicity.

XKeyscore: NSA tool collects ‘nearly everything a user does on the internet’

Its voluminous, the trolling of me on Topix.  They proved themselves guilty along with the NSA, by their hostile reaction – their hacking, spying – to criticism and specifically, to my NSA post.

The danger of the combination of hackers who are enabled and Topix, is all the personal data lifted, can become ammo for attacks, become vicious intimidation trolls.

They have long had the conviction, that trolling me accomplishes something. It lets them vent their anger at me. The hacking and hacking threats, lets them flaunt criminal behavior. They are not afraid of the law – Why? – but they are terrified of me, and lash out like angry children.

One has to wonder what investment the NSA has in trolling as a method of abusive control.

It points to a possible future for anyone whose personal data has been collected by the NSA. How partnering with an unethical, lawless website like Topix – a vehicle for slander as I have long called it – can work to terrorize Americans with stolen personal data.

They have gathered up, so much personal data, and all of it can be used as ammo, to persecute and terrorize, to strong-arm, any one they care to.

People should be screaming from the roof tops about that, it puts everyone in potential danger, harm.

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I have experienced this future, the worst of all possibilities, and am here to tell you, its nothing anyone wants.

Stop watching us.


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