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Racism On Topix. The Sanford FL forum.

[Posted July 20, 2013 ]


What is objectionable, what is dangerous about extremists is not that they are extreme, but that they are intolerant. The evil is not what they say about their cause, but what they say about their opponents. – John F. Kennedy

There is so much racism all over Topix. The African-American forum is loaded with it, but is just one forum on Topix that houses racism:

Topix African-American Forum

Racism is a toxin that corrodes the fabric of our common humanity. Its destructive and violent, it leads to and encourages physical violence. It erases empathy, it dehumanizes. I have watched it get worse and worse and worse in the past three years, and more and more violent.

Sanford Topix Forum

It is all over the Sanford FL Topix forum, where the Trayvon Martin case has long been “tried”  in the public court of opinion on Topix. Here is one thread there:

George Zimmerman Is A Real American Hero

Its way past time the role of violent hate speech in race-based murder is called out, it enflames racism which leads to violence. Mortal hatred doesn’t come out of the blue, it seethes, is vented and supported, which leads to the violent act.

Its being supported, gasoline poured on the fire, its a “weapon” for devious politics.

Check out some of the comments from the George Zimmerman is a Real American Hero thread:


John: This kid was black, right? So who cares??? One less welfare recipient. 

NRA EAGLE: Its time we start ridding america of this pant dragging hoodie wearing animals. BLACKS are in trouble all the TIME. Worst minority in the US.I would never hire a Black they always play the race CARD ! To cover their LAZY ASS. BLACK = Freeride.Zimmerman should get a dam medal.

ruby starr:  he provided a extermination service for us white people.

Zimmerman Fan: Give him more than a damn medal. Give him an M-16 and plenty ammo. Plus fair game tags and a pair of vice grip pliers to pull those damn gold teeth out when he scores a hit. Only thing worth saving on a lice ridden stinkin ass corpse! 

Zimmerman Fan: Oh yes an admirable kid for sure. Piece of shit hadnt been kicked outa school for drugs hed still be alive breeding more black hoes and robbing white people. Good riddence! Next! 

Zimmerman Fan: wonder if the buried him with his pants at half mast? 

Sir Lynchalot: When will we get to see the death pics? did the hoodie stay on when he got his black ass capped? Was his tongue hanging out his big purple lips? We want to see! 

There is open instigation of militant armed violence on it. Glorification of it:


Systemic Racism

shutterstock_828354491381849522-6410497 ¬

Silk Road may be gone, but Topix is still a haven for drug dealers

There is so much injustice connected to racism. Almost half of federal prisoners are held for drug crimes >>> Almost Half Of Federal Prisoners Held For Drug Crimes So many of the young locked away for years-long sentences, families destroyed.

Yet Topix has drug forums where illegal drugs are openly sold, and this “Internet lawyer” speaking in their defense calls it “free speech”:

Eric Goldman, a law professor at Santa Clara University who oversees the school’s High Tech Law Institute…  categorizes Gold’s argument [that Topix is accountable for all the drug dealers and dealing on their site] as silly, if not dangerous to everything we’ve come to expect about free speech on the web.

“In the end, Congress has made the ground rules for the internet very clear,” he says. “The federal government can prosecute crimes [committed by individuals] without regard to Section 230,” but the sites hosting user-generated content “are not liable for allowing third parties to publish content.”

Say what??? A whopping 49 percent of federal prisoners are there for drug offenses but Topix is let off the hook, free and clear, of any accountability for hosting thousands and thousands of drug posts and dealers? For even deaths related to those drugs? Talk about injustice.

Overt calls for armed violence

Overt calls for violence are called free speech also, not race-based violent threats. Why on “Lock and Load White People!!!” this poster complains about the “injustice” to whites:

Ronald: Yes. White people are the only American people who have no one to represent their interests. The pandering political ruling class believe – and rightly so – that, because they have effectively divided the White electorate by one means or another they can ignore their demands. If White people are to effectively defend themselves, they must organize to do the job themselves.


Check out the thread and note the ad on it for 7 Bibilical Money Truths:

lockandload1374334417-8060016 ¬

Lock and Load White People!!!

Daisy: Well I have been putting it off but I am going to get my concealed carry permit, very soon! This racist bullsh*t is ridiculous! If some racist thug decides to jump on this white chick they will get a bullet too… or three or four or six. I’m not scared but I don’t plan on being outnumbered or overpowered. 

Locking & Loading in Kentucky! 

Oh, but Chris Tolles, says they don’t tolerate threats on the site…

we do draw the line at threats

Chris Tolles: We here at Topix are champions of free speech and will cheerfully enable anonymous insults and salacious gossip, but we do draw the line at threats, including those people threatening themselves.

They are tolerated all over the site. Taken down? The threats on the Zimmerman is a hero thread have been up since last year.

Loads of attacks on Trayvon’s family also:

to trayvons parents

guest: the only thing the martins/fulton herd is sad about is that they wont get to make more money off their thug. 


Online racists seek not only to attack one victim but the entire race. They seek to dehumanize. That is why there are so many attacks on families. They seek to make it seem like they are less than human in order to “justify” their hatred.

The violence is going to get worse and worse if something is not done to address the problem.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. – Abraham Lincoln


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