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Queen Of The Crybaby Awards- Topix.

[Posted October 18, 2013]


I was given the title Queen of the Crybabies on Topix, when I came onto the main Topix forum, almost 4 years ago, by a troll on Topix. The trolls did not care for my “crying” i.e. griping, complaining about hurt feelings, trolls and Topix.

I weathered their trolling, fought back, calmed down a little, and hung in there, discovering in myself a strong stubborness which refused to back down. I made peace with many of my former attackers, saw the human being underneath the troll, became adept in the art of counter-trolling. But there were always persistent grey boxes stalking me, marking my every move, Topix had me wired.

Topix has me wired…….. lol

Queen of the Crybabies Awards


Something very funny happened though, as time passed. It became quite common for the trolls attacking me to cry hard about me, to shed tears at my feet, copious tears, so much wailing. I started to make jokes about it and began to post threads when they cried extra-hard. I named these threads “Queen of the Crybabies Award” threads and would bestow them for excessive crying. Oh that made them mad, hahaha.

Big, bad trolls don’t like to be called crybabies, it is an insult to them, its a Win for their opponent, but so often, that is exactly what they are.

I learned how the biggest bullies are always the biggest crybabies. Always. They can dish it out, but not take it and have the thinnest skin. I think the worse bullies probably all have the big, fragile egos I saw on Topix, their self-esteem is exaggerated and out of touch with reality, hence easily wounded.

Many of my crybaby threads have been deleted, I made 15 of them alone for the Internet Troll pest Tom Pappas, who got them deleted quickly one after another, hence more crying, proving my point, shedding those bitter tears.

In the end, Topix itself cried about me!! This massive, brutal, unethical, International hate corporation… crying like a baby over a critic, one they couldn’t get at, banning me when all the stalking and trolling, all that performing, all that retaliation for this blog, failed to do anything. They had never stopped being mad at me, they just so believed in the power of bullying (to an extent that in a few years when someone reads this, they will wonder why in the world they did, but they did. They so believed in their “superior weapons”).

When they saw they had failed miserably, the tears flowed and I was banned.

Topix bans Olive

And thus, Topix has won itself a well-deserved Queen of the Crybabies award.

Congratualations on serving the Court of the Crybabies so very well!

Lemon cake will be served.



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