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Portrait Of A Tyrant, Chris Tolles. Updated.

[posted December 13, 2013]

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The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information… They claim to be super-patriots, but they would destroy every liberty guaranteed by the Constitution. – Henry Wallace

You bet, he does. For a very long time, Chris Tolles’ crime of Hacking has been sheltered by the media and by the law. I wrote about it here, in one instance:

Terrorism on Topix of NSA Whistleblowers

He is lawless, he has harmed millions of innocent lives. A Tyrant the likes of which our Country, has seldom seen and one who will go down in infamy.

Original post

The Putman County News Article

Putnam County is a county in West Virgina, one of the States heavily targeted by Topix. Topix has filled every State with its forums but avoids New York City which has helped it with exposure.

This is an article that was written by the Putnam County News detailing the trials they went through on Topix, I am going to go over it and address some of its points.

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Tolles Defends Trash Talk On Topix

PCN: “It’s been called “The Ghetto of the Internet.”, an online forum allows people to hide behind fake names, post untrue, and trashy comments about anyone.”

The issue of the ease which it is possible to attack, defame and destroy lives online in contemporary times, is not enough talked about. Never before has it been so easy to do, so facilitated, so enabled. This has of course contributed to the volume of it and to the brutal harm and destruction to our Country, coming from it.

PCN: “The company has been sued by Putnam County Fair vendor Jeff Mills, and had complaints filed by the publisher of this news website with the office of West Virginia Attorney General Darrell V. McGraw which has an agreement to have Topix pull negative comments off the forums.”

I have seen attacks on news sources all over Topix. Local news is frequently attacked on Topix, their newscasters smeared, with the intention clear, to defame and discount real news sources and bring more traffic to Topix. They have been left with very few options to address these attacks, which have been very destructive.

Its interesting to see the West Virginia AG struck up an agreement with Topix, but its very clear, that agreement was not followed up on or enforced.

PCN: “There’s even an anti-Topix website where people can “fight back” against the trash blog:“

This website has been besieged by victims asking questions. Topix at one point got it pulled off the web, it has been restored. Its been an uphill battle for them, against the so-many corrupt forces keeping the harm in place.

PCN: “After the legal department of USA Today, which like is owned (in part) by Gannett, provided with Topix CEO Chris Tolles’ email address… we sent Tolles an email complaining about libelous comments and impersonation posts.”

The Gannett, McClatchy, Tribune news corporation has so much to answer for. They have sheltered Topix from exposure by their many publications. They are enablers and accomplices of all the harm that has happened there.

Do they realize they are enabling a media tyrant? A parasite “news aggregator” which devours its hosts? In his own words, Tolles makes clear how completely devoid of empathy he is. He shows how human life and people’s Rights, are not honored or respected on his forum. Check him out here in his replies to them:

PCN: “Here are some of his comments, in which he defends the “trash talk” that has some people incensed:

“That’s not how it works,” Tolles writes in his first email response. “You don’t get to gag the users to not talk about you. You can use our feedback system if you see a specific issue.”

We did. And, sometimes hours and days later, posts were pulled. But not before many people could read them.”

Exactly. To have a system that is so slow and dysfunctional to remove abusive comments, allows the comments to carry their full weight of attack and the suffering they elicit, even if they are eventually removed. The Topix feedback system is notorious for its inefficiency. Far too few moderators are on staff and posts are suspiciously left up, when Topix wants them to be.

You don’t get to gag the users to not talk about you.” Tolles uses the word: “gagging” which shows he wants it there.

But how little he cares for it when its done to him.

PCN: “Tolles has more to say:“In any case, we have no legal responsibility to do anything for you and  “impersonation” in this way has little standing in the court system.”

How he has abused the “law” Section 230 of the Common “Decency” act. This draconian law,  has been abused by Topix to its most dangerous potential. Perhaps in the hands of a decent person and company, the law has benefit, but in the hands of a tyrant like Tolles, it has provided protection for so much crime and vast harm, the extent of which is so large in number.

Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress. – MLK

Impersonation is where trolls steal the names of those they are attacking and post defamatory comments as “them”. Topix not only houses these comments, their corporate trolls use impersonation on an almost daily basis, to attack critics.

PCN: “And in another email, Tolles adds:“We have a right to run our  business as we see fit, within the law. Giving people a platform to say what they want is what America is all about.

Check out the beef between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr over anonymous libel through newspapers not to mention the Silence Dogood letters. Anonymous opinion which causes intense emotional reaction is part of our DNA as a country.

..I can sleep pretty soundly.”

He sleeps soundly? That’s because he has zero empathy. He encourages hatred and abuse, he likes it, no different than any fascist. His usual miscontruing of the Bill of Rights and what the Founding Fathers meant, avoids the central Right, of the right to safety and security, the right to life. He is not a Patriot. He is an enemy of America and the rights it wrote down to protect its People.

Check out his rationale:

PCN: “Tolles’ isn’t finished defending the comments on his blog:

“Only the second of the threads you reference contains someone personating you. The first thread is full of insults towards you, and unless there is some sort of actual libel, I see no reason to take it down. (and if there is, use the feedback system to indicate that”

“”Referring to you” isn’t actionable according to the law, our policy, or common sense. In 2012 everyone is to one degree or another, a public figure.”

Of course he doesn’t see a reason to take it down, he wants it there.

“In 2012 everyone is to one degree or another, a public figure.” No they are not! Innocent people, should not have their lives be open targets. And remember, no where can someone be attacked as viciously as they are on Topix, where private phone numbers and addresses are posted. This total menace to everyone’s safety, is being practiced on Topix, talk about terrorism… its domestic terrorism, and on a massive scale.

“In general, You don’t get to control the speech of others talking about you.””

But he does! He is controlling the abuse, he is facilitating it, housing it, encouraging it.

Not to mention, how little Chris Tolles cares for criticism to come his way. He hides out on Twitter when he can block, unlike on his site, where innocent people cannot. Why he even cries about the blocking on Twitter not being enough!

tolles_is_a_coward1386952942-8071139 ¬

Look at what he was responding to:

Men are harassed too. @twitter shouldn’t program itself to be less safe than a physical public square.

He is crying that he is being harassed! That is the degree of selfishness and self-interest of the man, the tyrant behind the biggest hate machine ever on the Internet, the one that has caused so much damage, a “public square” that is not safe at all, whose repercussions will be felt for decades.

Just one more example, from Twitter:

Chris Tolles  really? The whole thing struck me as creepy. You get one unwelcome interaction before it becomes harassment.

What a coward.

PCN: “However, some of the comments on Topix are targeted at children. asked Tolles how a four-year-old child is considered a “public figure.” He didn’t answer that question, though he says Topix removes posts about children. That’s IF someone complains, and even then, it takes time.”

A 4-year old child, attacked on Topix. Children are attacked on Topix all the time. Its not true they remove the posts and it takes the usual time too long time to do it if they do. The teen suicide deaths coming from Topix are not being reported on nor counted.

This mother sued when her 9-year old son was defamed on Topix after his death. Just one of so-many lawsuits that most likely, never saw justice.

Clark County woman sues Topix users for slander

Their teachers and schools also. Public education is attacked all over Topix and those attacking it do not hesitate to harshly attack children attending public schools, racism floods the forum, I have seen so much of it. The damage to just one of the many social services attacked on Topix, public education, is massive.

PCN: “Here’s what Tolles has to say about impersonation posts, insults, and comments about children:

“Impersonating.¨That’s different from *mentioning* you.  And, as it happens, we usually remove people and posts for impersonating someone.”

LMAO! Topix’s corporate trolls name-steal all the time. He is lying here, as he is in many of his answers.

“Insulting you, mentioning you, making fun of you and basically using us a platform to express negative opinions about you – well, unless they’re libelous, or about children, we side with freedom of expression. If you complain a thousand times to us about someone who said something that is merely a negative opinion, we’re still not going to remove it. It’s not your call.”

Listen to that “its not your call”. Do people realize how incredibly dangerous this man’s philosophy is? Its a Power-trip he is on, a sociopathic one. And again, he has posted on Twitter how little he cares for “freedom of expression” when it is pointed his way.

“And, when you send me a set of threads and say that there are people impersonating you when there aren’t, makes me feel like you’re lying to me or trying to get away with something.”

I really do not understand why you think you have a right not to be talked about.”

Talked about? Smeared, harassed, children attacked, libel that destroys lives and businesses.

PCN: “One impersonation used the name of the stillborn daughter of’s publisher.

In response to a complaint about her name being used, in Tolles’ last email to, he wrote the following:

“Look, we review all feedback, and when stuff like this comes up, we remove it. We even ban people who post stuff like this, but anyone who is determined enough can always weasel their way back (and given that hotmail and gmail don’t need real ID, registration merely delays the same behavior.)

It’s not like we want that kind of conversation, but it is well nigh impossible to prevent a particular phrase or topic from being discussed. I can’t review every post before it goes up or guarantee that your name won’t come up. That’s actually not on the table as an option.

The price society pays for the world wide web being interactive is a lot of trash talk.”

Spotting the sociopath, Tolles on Twitter

Tolles is very much a Performer, a performing troll. His Act is daily on Twitter. He is very much a sociopathic tyrant, all the red-flags are there:

How to spot a sociopath – 10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a charismatic nut job

Example, here he is doing his usual distancing:

tolles_hypocrisy1409722418-7967110 ¬

He has used Twitter media on a daily basis, to perform cover-up and to distance himself from the atrocities he is responsible for.

End the madness!

lord_of_the_rings_eye_of_sauron-wallpaper1386957146-2006629 ¬

The only reason our society, Country and World is “paying the price” for Tolles’ and Topix’s corporate fascism, is that the company has been protected from exposure and enabled by draconian laws.

I know how badly those who have been covering up for Topix do not want to be exposed, but there is no way, ultimately, their selfish cowardice and greed, should or will take precedence over the so-many lives affected, those paying the price.

Its the People, who are paying the price, with their lives.

Where has the NSA been in all this? Security? All they want is the user’s data and who knows what else.

I deeply believe, if people knew the extent of the harm going on, it would not be allowed to continue.

PCN: “And if you are a publisher, clearly you are aware of these issues.  We run a nationwide set of local sites, and my responsibility also includes our 30 employees. How can only 30 employees review all of the feedback/complaints? Tolles didn’t say.

However, a filter can be used to prevent someone from posting comments about a particular individual. When Tolles refused to do this about’s publisher and family, the complaint was filed with McGraw’s office. Weeks later, an email from Do Kim, an employee of, advised that posts had been removed (only partially true) and that others would be. Still, more were posted, and pulled offline hours and days later, which is one reason that many people hate

Media Ethics. The Putnam County News has them, not Topix. They are not only important, nothing proves better than what has happened on Topix how much they are essential. Without them, people get harmed and in large numbers.

PCN: “While even the mainstream media allows article comment posts using fake names, will never allow this. Some newspapers now require posts to use Facebook registrations. However, even those can be faked. Topix does not require Facebook logins.

Of course, if you want to voice your opinion on in a dignified manner, you can provide a Letter to the Publisher using your real name. After we verify who you are, your letter will be published (without libelous comments, of course). supports the public discussion of issues. We also believe in social responsibility, as well as protecting familes and children. So, we leave the trash talk, about people, to the trash blogs.”

Protecting the People, the primary importance of Media.

People, over Profit = a sustainable, healthy Country


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