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Notes From A Whistleblower. Updated.

[Posted April 21, 2014]

The Topix Disaster

Palo Alto, 2004. A cluttered room, a couple of servers, so seemingly innocuous, where it all began.


Web startup, circa 2004

I am the whistleblower the Silicon Valley and the Country, has not heard yet. So many are implicated, so many have stayed silent, so many have participated in the cover-up, the scope of the Topix scandal is enormous.

I have the story, no one wants to talk about, despite the fact, it concerns millions of innocent lives. Why is that? There is profit coming off of the destruction of these innocent lives, and the culprits want to keep that cash flow, while hiding the existence and magnitude of the tragedy.

Too many contracts were signed with news sources of this incredibly corrupt news aggregator – they are somehow tied up with and to, Topix, despite the fact it has always been a parasite which devours its hosts, in more ways than one.

Internet media, conceived in the Silicon Valley. Stripped away ethics. Take away all the ethics, from the site, from how you do business, from how your adverting partners share revenues,  and especially from necessary exposure, oversight and rules. Strip it all away and bring on the Ca$h.

News Flash: The Bad Guys Win

They face superior weapons and a difference in culture and ethics. They are the French in this battle. They die. – Chris Tolles

Pageview, ads, monitization, it all was too easy to cheat because the entire industry was new, unregulated, loaded with the money-hungry.

Since we at Topix are an adsense partner, and I am a downstream beneficiary to what revenues there are here – Chris Tolles

A difference in culture and ethics? The difference was,not exactly an unmined field, it was no different than any sociopathic criminal has done before, the mafia for example, for a long, long time: Lie, cheat and steal. Harm, don’t think about ethics. Cover it up. The difference is in the numbers of people harmed, the deadly potential of the Internet. Topix forums are in almost every single city around the World. The World Wide Web. Never before, was the battlefield so large.


A Google agenda troll, told me I only think of myself and so I thought it was time for a reminder, of how much I have braved, as a whistleblower.

On the t.v. news this morning, they had footage of the Korean dictator and talked about his murderous acts, which are many.

Here in America, a man who has committed so many murderous acts on his fellow Americans, and the People of the whole World, sits free and clear and untouched by the pampering, cowardly American Media. The crimes and human rights abuses on Topix are kept out of the Country’s mainstream press, he is free and clear and Tweeting, backed up by Google and media mogol(s) Gannett & Co., who have for so long sheltered and profited off of his atrocities. Their control of the media, is appalling.

And so Tolles can continue to be sheltered, as millions of innocent people, are not. As the Silicon Valley mafia, wage their war on human beings, lighting matches to racism, bigotries, hatreds, jealousies, exploring the very worst of human nature, enabling it, turning it out onto the Internet, onto innocent people, by the truckload, Animal Hatred. That poison.

hate__span21398119386-6955369 ¬

Every single minute.

Recently Updated Forums

They love Topix as lovers of Money and Ca$$$h alone can ONLY love Money.

money-root-of-all-evil1398094885-7143623 ¬

Money and nothing else.

They do not care in the slightest about their fellow human beings, they do not care what negatively affects their whole lives, they enable battery, its a source of profit and entertainment for them. An enactment of their Worst sides, the pure evil human nature is capable of, at its lowest, a death-dance. Mixed with busine$$, mixed with profit-motive. Murderous Acts? Tons of them.

Profit over People, the worst consequence of unregulated Capitalism.

Spy Valley

google-glass-macro1398297026-7588534 ¬

Simultaneously, these same forces, are collecting our personal data, as I caught them 4 years ago. Its only gotten worse since then.

Is Topix giving out users personal data to the NSA?

In their huge propaganda drive – with a directed effort to hide the revelations of this blog – Google has distanced itself from the NSA post-Snowden, while contuning to openly promote, their lifting, hoarding, invading, selling and sharing, our personally identifiable data and spy toyz. As unreal as this sounds, that is exactly what is happening, their data storage centers eclispe the NSA’s. Google Data Center

Big Brother. He is here and wearing a suit and tie and housed in a corporate office.


This Open Salon blog has been brave enough, to report on these powerful monsters, on Big Brother, loaded up with spy toyz and trollz and censorship hacks and media-control to boot,

it has taken untold braveness to face down their reprisals, Artic endurance, to face the long haul. Untold, unsung, unpaid, done for the sole purpose of saying Wake Up! WTF is going on??? These people’s lives matter! Spying is not cool! Our user-data is being compromised to the NSA! He is attacking ethics in media! Libel is dangerous! The site is corrupt! Children are being harmed! And where oh where did their drug forums go??? Its absurd, the exclusives this Open Salon blog has had.

But that is what happened. And I am still here.

Its really dangerous what’s going on, for us all. Its been very, very, very destructive, the destruction must end. The culprits, made acccountable. Its for the health, safety, security and well-being, of all.




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