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More Topix NSA Coverup. Updated.

[Posted July 15, 2013 ]


I have known a vast quantity of nonsense talked about bad men not looking you in the face. Don’t trust that conventional idea.

Dishonesty will stare honesty out of countenance any day in the week, if there is anything to be got by it. – Charles Dickens

Oh the tangled plots we weave, when we plot to deceive.


Chris Tolles who has clobbered away at me for years for my Nov. 2010 NSA post, rather his trolls have, the man has not once addressed a single question I have raised, well, except undercover as a grey box… was batting his eyelashes here at Glenn Greenwald on Twitter.


He had the shamelessness to post several Tweets trying to distance himself from his role in the issue.

chris_tolles_nsa21373908187-8617143 ¬

Say what??? He sure didn’t care for it when I spoke out about what his company and the NSA were engaged in, in a post from Nov. 2010:

Is Topix giving out users personal data to the NSA?

chris-tolles_tribe1373908205-7657101 ¬

Why suddenly, he is a fan of someone speaking truth to power… just don’t speak it to him!!

Terrorism on Topix of NSA Whistleblowers

Topix goes nuts

He even had the nerve to try and distance himself from the same troll his trolls did on me 2 years ago…

chris_tolles_arrington13739093541-3925862 ¬

when the issue was hidden from the public’s eye and he, and the NSA, wanted to flaunt their spying toys and lawlessness:

Why not type it on your computer and we can check your spelling. – Pasadena Ginny


Sun Microsystems

As this 1998 article says, Tolles has long been deeply involved with the NSA, he, and Rich Skrenta, worked with them on encryption issues when he was at Sun microsystems:

The long, strong arm of the NSA

Everyone in Silicon Valley, including us, has to have specific staff – highly paid experts – to deal with them,” said Chris Tolles, security group product manager at Sun.

*Note it was Tolle’s function, to deal with the NSA.

Anyone who thinks that the NSA wouldn’t deal with those they were already dealing with, in their illicit data-grab, is not putting two and two together. Chris Tolles was their contact.

This also, from the post:

Sun has had run-ins with the NSA in the past. Two years ago, the NSA objected to Sun including encryption in the exportable version of Java 1.1. The end result was that Sun stripped encryption out of Java 1.1 and the software was delayed by about six months. 

In a Tweet from March, 2012, he admittied to giving in to the NSA, as he said to Michael Hastings:

yes! Keys being rigor & care. Also, understanding that if it’s you vs. NSA, you are outgunned. Also encryption attracts eyes ????  – Chris Tolles tweet, March 25, 2012

tollesnsa1404570577-7162826 ¬

Post-Snowden, he does his usual spinning and turned the story around, attempting to paint Sun as resistors to the NSA:

nsa-tolles1382602438-8235480 ¬

Eric Schmidt also worked for Sun at that same time. The three of them, working together, is important to recognize, given Google’s longtime association with Topix. Remember Rich Skrenta also founded Open Directory, where Tolles worked with him, which was the predecessor for Google.

This 2005 discussion group asked questions about Sun’s relationship with the NSA:

Did NSA use Sun Microsystems to track massive surveillance data?

This Infosecurity post from 2008, talks about the NSA/Sun working jointly together in the OpenSolaris project:

Sun and NSA to beef up OpenSolaris security

Jonathan Schwartz, Sun’s chief executive, said the joint project is an opportunity to improve the security of an already robust OpenSolaris environment in a manner that may benefit government and commercial customers alike.

You don’t hear a lot about Sun Microsystems in the PRISM coverage (Why?) yet they possibly could have been the main terminal, which opened the door to the NSA to the other Tech companies.

Guilt Proven by the Reaction

Topix’s doing exactly what I said they were doing was proven 3 years ago by the inflamed, abusive, fear-filled reaction to my post. I faced years of daily trolling on Topix over my NSA post. This troll used a tactic I have come to know all too well, blame-deflection:

Do the Topix Keepers have your IP address?

Why Tolles himself recently posted on Twitter, how little he cares about users personal data, thinks its ok to invade and share.

chris_tolles_dontcare1373909481-5597251 ¬

This is big news for all Topix posters, the site has long claimed it does not do this. The Topix Mods, pre-Snowden, posted disclaimers, as did their former TOS, assuring their posters Topix was not sharing their user data with anyone.

Yet PI (personal information) has long been accessed by their favored trolls who have posted the Mods do access Topix user’s IP information as a method of gathering info on them for reprisal. Imagine that, scary right? But it is happening.

Chris Tolles is a right-wing extremist who hates government interference and no wonder, with what’s going on, on his site, he sure doesn’t want any laws or justice or oversight to come down on him! There are countless human rights violations on the site, millions of lives affected, yet he climbs onto his soap box for the Bill of  Rights here:

chris_tolles_nsa31373909699-9840700 ¬

I can vouch for the fact, the man does not value freedom from being spied on. He is merely trying to distance himself, from his role in the PRISM scandal.

On and on and on, it means a great deal to Tolles and the NSA, to cover-up their connection. Why it hurt his right-wing “credentials” to be associating with the government in this way…

tollesnsa21404571454-6206421 ¬

Even though its exactly what they were doing.

One has to wonder, as I have for years, why Topix has been so well protected. Could it be…


Or is it Big Data who is protecting what it was caught doing, by this blog, in November of 2010?

Does it interfere with their ongoing marketing drive, the marketing of Our personal data, which they are avidly continuing?

cloud1393446567-9420454g ¬

It sure does and did, hence the ongoing dancing of Tolles, the most well-protected culprit, in the PRISM scandal.


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