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Making Money In The Muck. Updated 2.

[First published May 22, 2010]

The Dirt of Profit over People

Topix Weblog: News Flash: The Bad Guys Win

But Jeez, why is it that all the old newspaper guys think there’s some giant pile of money at the top of the trust pyramid? There isn’t. All the money is at the bottom. In the muck.” – Chris Tolles

Dirty money, blood money.

Is that what the allure was for the NSA when they began their partnership with Topix? So what… the NSA turns an indifferent eye on Topix and uses it only as a method to grab up user data? Or perhaps even worse, values the lawlessness and inhumanity of a site which has no hesitation of allowing the site to be used as a vehicle to slander people? Security, hello???

Is Topix giving out users personal data to the NSA?

I picture the NSA’s “reasoning”: “This man does not care at all about not only allowing anything and everything on his site, he is protecting and enabling it. Alright!!!” Say what?

Children are being harmed and have been for years on their protected sex forum:

Incest on Topix. Yikes!!

I wrote about one instance of this use of the site for slander out of so many, I saw on Topix here with my Tzunammi profile:

I saw a man being severely harassed by a thread where they even were posting fake police reports about him

The man’s life was being destroyed in a public witch hunt. This is happening all the time on Topix.

Not one person wants to go through what this man did, so why the protection?

Why the protection??? 


The ridiculous and aburd protection from exposure for the so much suffering they have caused, finds no better allies, than the Silicon Valley “Tribe” Tolles has posted so often of being a part of, who apparently like money coming from the muck too, they let him speak for them and his “new” ethics be promoted:

Chris Tolles: It “comes down to the idea that the web is all of us on it. We need to build a new tribe. Not one with the ethics of newspaper journos”

Who is in Chris Tolles’ Tribe?

An apparently large contingent of Silicon Valley power-mongers, who use media to serve agendas, are included in this ethic-less “tribe”.

He does not care for ethics in the slightest and that is why the tea party loves the man and has long used his site to push their agendas, it happened in Pasadena.

Three years ago, I visited the first Pasadena Star-News Topix thread I commented on last January since the attacks which brought me on Topix. I began commenting to help the parcel tax needed to help our public schools in times of financial crises, in a literal sea of trolls. This was despite my wanting to never visit the forum again, after I had been dragged onto Topix in a series of attacks. I was needed though, the ugliness of the enviornment was chasing away too many public school supporters. I never have been afraid to stand up to them.

The trolls were everywhere and this is a sample comment, my comment follows:

Altadena residents critical of PUSD’s plans for parcel tax

Raymond Rsatch wrote:

 “Excuse me but I do not care if whites and asians are doing okay in the PUSD system. What I care about is the classroom environment. Guaranteed my child will do better in a classroom free from the distractions caused by children with serious academic, social, or discipline problems.

Guaranteed if you put my child in a ghetto school he or she will perform better. But, DUH, why would I want my child subjected to that garbage environment?

Yep, I’m an elitist.”

Yep, an elitist, a bigot and a racist, a tea party troll. Why they even made a Topix profile.


These so-many comments, all attacking either children of color, their parents, the poor, PUSD, myself, or another pro-parcel tax commentator, shows the “politics” of the site Topix is so fond of, right-wing extremist. Far, far to the right of right-wing.

All the money is at the bottom. In the muck. – Chris Tolles, CEO,

Making money are we? Calling children of color and their schools names? Why Tolles has posted he values teachers… yet his site is loaded with similar attacks on public education, racism everywhere.

Racism is so common on the site, the comments from the Sanford FL Topix forum are often so violent:

Sanford Topix Forum

“hey truth, that “bloated, waterhead buttugly punk” had the guts to pull the trigger and get the job done. most people can’t do it…”


Anyone who has taken the briefest peek at Topix knows that there is very little there in the way of news. See for yourself, this is the Topix recently updated forums list, it is a way to see what is happening on the site every minute of the day and night.

Topix Recently Updated Forums

I have seen hundreds of local and International forums and know for a fact they have little news on them. Also, almost every single forum has loads and loads of real-name attack threads where people – children included – are being attacked by their real name. There are death threats all over the site. Its not uncommon to see people begging to be left alone, the suffering is immense, the harm to and destruction of lives, all-too-real and the scale of it, extremely large.

Tolles sees all this as Profit.

All-troll PR department

I posted the same comment on Chris Tolles’s own thread, where the same troll, Raymond Rsatch, had turned up in Tolles’ defense on his article supporting anonymous comments, they make him a lot more money:

Topix Weblog: Anonymous Comments a ” By The Numbers”

“You get much more in discourse, than you lose in “extra” banned commentary – so why the gnashing of editorial teeth over this issue? The “anonymous” issue is just a red herring. Really, what these journalists are threatened by is the nature of truly public discourse on the web. These people are not barbarians that appeared one day the net went up.” – Chris Tolles

Raymond Rsatch wrote:

“I want to know what all those posts from Turkey are all about. Probably some kind of Troll code that Topix has set up.”

Tolles says journalists are threatened by “truly public discourse“?

I had a question for him about this.

Chris, since you enlisted troll Raymond Rsatch to come to you defense here on your own thread. Apparently Topix has an all-troll PR department – its more like policing – I wanted to point out to you another comment of Raymond Rsatch’s:

Raymond Rsatch wrote:
”Excuse me but I do not care if whites and asians are doing okay in the PUSD system. What I care about is the classroom environment. Guaranteed my child will do better in a classroom free from the distractions caused by children with serious academic, social, or discipline problems.Guaranteed if you put my child in a ghetto school he or she will perform better. But, DUH, why would I want my child subjected to that garbage environment?Yep, I’m an elitist.“

This comment was in service to the defeat of a parcel tax needed to help our public schools, “Raymond” wrote hundreds of the things, under this name and others. 

Is there money at the bottom? Do racist comments like this service dubious political agendas? Are they willing to pay for them? Do they advertise on these threads? (yes they do). Is this what you partly mean by “there is money in the muck”?

DeportVirginiaToArizona wrote:

“So I take it you will go to Arizona willingly and save the taxpayers the money that will be needed to deport you?”

Is there money in bullying? You bet there is.

Tea Party Trolls

Tea Party trolls have been reported on for years and the fact that they serve a right-wing extremist agenda is well-known. Topix is loaded with them. Its Chris Tolles vision of politics, manipulatable, bullied by teams of trolls who use personal attacks and disinforation by the truckload. He gloats here about how political his site is:

Topix CEO Chris Tolles On How The Internet Is Changing Politics

Chris Tolles: “The research found an increasing number of citizens turning to each other (versus one-to-many sources such as traditional news outlets and candidate-driven leaflets, etc.) for guidance on key issues.”

Only its not turning to each other! In the manipulated “local watering hole”, its disinformation trolls paid to act like citizens, to intentionally spread hatreds, to bully.

Chris Tolles houses and encourages them, he is very much serving a political agenda himself, and is one of them. That’s what he does on Twitter mostly, trolls.

chris-tolles-guns1387643099-9650666 ¬

Don’t care for the government do you Chris? How quickly you forget the NSA is part of the government…

How quickly he forgets draconian laws and government “hands-off”, are a big part of why he is able to get away with what he does. His advocacy of guns, is not surprising considering illegal guns are sold on Topix.

Guns Forum

He has the grand-standing, hypocrisy and cowardice commonly seen in tea party trolls.

The corporate fascim that Topix practices, is so dangerous and destructive. And therefore, all who include themselves in Tolles’ ‘Tribe” are aligning themselves with life-destroying, Country-destroying, extremism, jumping into the muck of it, and getting themselves dirty in doing so.

The Silicon Valley power-mongers often have the nerve to paint themselves as liberals, progressives, tolerant, yet so long as they allow themselves to be muzzled and spoken for, by a raging corporate fascist, they are covered in the Muck.



Its muck!!!

In the end, its muck. Its filthy, dirty. And as much as they wallow in it, it is going to eventually stick, all that dirt is theirs, it gets all over them and those who support them.


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