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Is Topix A Threat To World Peace? Update 9.

[Posted  July 27, 2013]

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Peace and justice are two sides of the same coin. – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Animal Hatred

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The Internet has allowed for the very worst in human nature to come out and the very worst in human nature, is murderous.

All this pain has been unleashed onto our Country, the World, and the enablers are going: HaHaHa, while the millions of victims, are trying to deal with a lawless World, where violence to their lives, is sheltered and profited off of.

The pain of Topix victims is very, very real. I have seen so much of it. When you visit almost any local forum, you see the real name attack threads littered all over them. They always remind me of the stocks of the Colonel days, people hung out to dry, open target on their lives.

Everyone with a conscience should check this list, several times per day, their Recently Updated Forums:

Recently Updated Forums

You will always find real name attack threads on it, people’s lives and reputations being destroyed every minute. Note that the International forums are not on it, no doubt the same is happening there also.

You don’t think everyone in the town that can hurt the person is not reading the posts on Topix? It has replaced newspapers in many small towns, you bet they are, and this is destroying lives.


Cyber-stocks. Equally painful.

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Extremism Like Never Before

Tea Party trolls have been reported on for years and the fact that they serve a right-wing extremist agenda is well-known. Topix is loaded with them. Its Chris Tolles vision of politics, manipulatable, bullied by teams of trolls who use personal attacks and disinformation by the truckload. He gloats here about how political his site is:

Topix CEO Chris Tolles On How The Internet Is Changing Politics

Chris Tolles: “The research found an increasing number of citizens turning to each other (versus one-to-many sources such as traditional news outlets and candidate-driven leaflets, etc.) for guidance on key issues.”

Only its not turning to each other! In the manipulated “local watering hole”, its disinformation trolls paid to act like citizens, to intentionally spread hatreds, to bully.

Hate: Around the Globe

Here is a partial listing of Topix’s forums.

Check out how many forums Topix has – and some of their forums aren’t on this list, like their Illegal Drug and Gun forums, their sinister Human Sexuality forum – the size of this massive site:

Forum Guide – Topix

All these conferences about Mobile, the Future of News, all funded by Google, all say nothing about the carnage being wrecked.

Think a minute, how any media on this scale, has stayed so sheltered. Topix has been hidden, by the press, from exposure, from the general public’s knowledge. Other, much less dangerous social media face so much criticism. A site like Topix where lives are being destroyed, is kept secret. Besides those affected by Topix, few of know the site because it is sooooooo well-protected (the cruel irony being, the People are so unprotected).

Its called Media Control, corporate fascism.

The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information. – Henry Wallace

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Media > Silence

So much effort has gone into this media-sheltering, it has gone all the way to the TOP, of both Government and Media, which is so tragic for the People. All this devious effort has gone out to keep the harm, the violation of their Safety and Security, happening, going on and on and on for years…

Think about that for a minute, if your Heart can bear it.

Enormous Google has been the most powerful and the most dangerous leader of the Disruption Cult, which has wrecked so much Harm around the Globe, while hiding its existence – including its years of running illegal drug forums – via control of the American media.

Wake Up Call!

TranHumanism De-bunked. There’s a War on for your mind.

They have covered up for  the self-named Meme Fluffer performing Twitter troll, Chris Tolles, posting here from the Google plane, on his way to SWSX, talking about “immorality” and “sin”:

Chris Tolles: any time you pierce the veil of anonymity it is immoral. Not mortal sin, but a sin ????

The forum is International and has links to so many parts of the World and cities, the reach is around the Globe, no wonder the NSA and Google, with its Ad$$$ are so fond of them…Tolles has bragged how hard he works to service, AdSence.

Now take a look at some of the International forums and see what is going on there.

List of Topix International Forums

Note: The links lead to pages sometimes that give more lists of the cities Topix is in within that Country. Take Africa or Russia for instance, take a minute to investigate how many Topix forums there are:

Africa Directory – Topix

Russia Directory – Topix


Take a look at how many forums Topix has in the United States:

US Map and States Directory – Topix


Local Community Destabilization?

Is Topix destabilizing communities across America, the World?  This message was posted on the main Topix forum to Chris Tolles:

There is a problem in the Greeneville TN forum. We need a mod really bad. A man just committed suicide after months of cyberbullying and the bullying is still out of control. Please help. The un-modded posts are ruining our town and people’s lives. Please help us.

He never answered.


Why are these so-many calls for help not being heard? The Wall of Silence.

How vast is the carnage the Wall of Silence protects? Is Topix destabilizing communities across America, around the World?

It certainly isn’t helping.

Malicious Topix gossip is forcing people to leave their cities, lose jobs, to suicide deaths, teen drug deaths, in cases that are being unreported by the news. Why would they do that?

Just one State, Kentucky, check out some of the Topix forums there:

Kentucky Directory – Topix

The Utica NY, Topix forum is a mess, I have spoken out to Chris Tolles there:

Speaking out to Chris Tolles in Utica

Lives and businesses are being and have been shattered on Topix around the Globe. When the so many victims try and sue they are blocked by the draconian law Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which fully protects Topix from accountability and resposiblity, from anything posted there. It has allowed for the tens of thousands of Topix victims to get burned, twice. The first time by the slander, the second by the impossibility of legal recourse.


Do people really need reminding that Unjust “Laws”, ones which allow people to be harmed without recourse, are wrong? Think of the extent of the carnage Globally, this one has enabled.

The Invisible “Press”

Where has the press been, when it comes to Topix?

As millions of lives have been harmed? As communities are destabilized? As hate and disinformation are spread and enflamed far and wide, illegal drugs sold, pedophiles and incest enabled, sheltered, as World Peace itself is challenged?

Are they all controlled by Google? Could it be that they are all Media Partners of Topix ? Check out their listing of media partners. And some of their media forums are not on this list.

Media Partners Directory – Topix

DO “Justice”?

Or is it powerful government connections which are keeping the Wall of Silence in place?

Topix, enjoy[s] a very high level of support and protection inside the Justice Department. – Jack Howard

The “Justice” Department has abandoned, millions of innocent people.

Is Topix giving out users personal data to the NSA?

Why would the NSA have anything to do with a site this destructive, that promotes and shelters so much bigotry and criminality???

Racism and bigotry are toxins that corrodes the fabric of our common Humanity.

Is Topix a threat to World Peace? You bet it is, spreading hatred, lies and extremism around the Globe.

Check out just a few of their International forums:

Australia Topix Forum

australia_topix31374955570-4447209 ¬

australia-topix1374955607-5175340 ¬

Sample comments:

Clover Moore The white people that invented and continue to support multiculturalism need to beaten deported to a third world shit hole before they turn this place into one.

Mel Gibson Non white immigrants except for some asians have proven themselves to be pure shit and should be deported.

proud_white its sickening and discusting!!!time for action,time to stop mass scale non white inavsion and racist multicultralism!!!this is crap thats going.wake up white people!!! 

Lots of forums in Africa, here are two:

Nigeria Forum

Ethiopia Forum

ethopia_topix1374955669-8908982 ¬

g ¬

China, all over the globe.

China Topix Forum

china_topix1374955749-9254433 ¬

Mexico Topix Forum


Bomb Mexico Only white girls that weigh 425 lbs tipping the richter scale would ever be with a bean

Poland Topix Forum

poland_topix21374955850-4510190 ¬

poland_topix31374955874-4983640 ¬

Russia Topix Forum

russiz-topix21374955811-8987773 ¬

russia_topix1374955795-2809937 ¬

International Online Drug Dealing

Since their Drug Forums shut down, in a media black-out, the dealers are still on their International forums.

Glasgow, Scotland Forum

Belfast, Northern Ireland Forum

Check the forums out for yourself, almost every single one of them is loaded with libel. Bitcoin$$? You bet there are.

America is foisting this onto these Countries, it doesn’t exactly endear us internationally to any one of them, quite the opposite, it adds to their anger at this Country, that we would enable, host, protect and support these hate forums.

The government included, the NSA, the DOJ, the DEA, silence from them. Enabling. Are military interests involved and interested in generating some of the hatred, to…??? Its a chilling, but valid question.

Topix is a hate machine, like never before. Is America able to take responsibility for it? I don’t think so, all they do is to hide its existence from the general public via the wall of media silence and censorship, while the benefactors shove the ad revenue into their pockets.

Profit over people is dead-wrong. Its destroying, not life-giving. It doesn’t help our Country, it hurts it.

Its unsustainable. Its destructive. Its tragic.

Can we have Security and Safety in our Country? Do the People’s lives matter here?

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As we peer into society’s future, we — you and I, and our government — must avoid the impulse to live only for today, plundering for our own ease and convenience the precious resources of tomorrow. We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without risking the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage. We want democracy to survive for all generations to come, not to become the insolvent phantom of tomorrow. – Dwight D. Eisenhower


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