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How about less bad behavior on Topix, a whole lot less!

[Posted May 18, 2010]

ugh wrote:

“This is the worst most disgusting website I have ever seen! It allows teenage bullying and slander to minors. I can not believe that there has not been a law suit against it. Its going to take a teenagers life soon.”

This comment was written in answer to this Chris Tolles’ recent post on, my reply follows.

Topix Weblog: “How about More? A lot more More

Tell me more about this, whats going on? You are right, the bullying and slander going on on is wrong.

When is Topix going to take measures to stop this, Chris? This woman is saying a child’s life is in danger. Does Topix have an investigative department? they should look into this.

I also have a couple of questions on your article, Chris:

Given that people want to reserve the ability to keep their identities” – is it them or is it Topix who wants to enable them to keep hidden identities? this goes both ways. As you know, this does bullies a huge favor.

We’re excited to see what Facebook is going to do with the Open Social Graph, and think that adding a connection to our millions of local comments is a great chunk of local content to give people on Facebook.


The problem with this is that so many of your comments are troll comments or hostile or racist or disinformation comments, why in the world would Facebook need or want them? I am pleased you are admitting they are Topix content, they are, but am appalled when I know exactly what that content is. Bullying teenagers, for instance?

How about less bad behavior on Topix? A whole lot less.


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