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Does meaBADboy work for Topix?

[Posted March 10, 2012]


bad_boy1331422710-2186689 ¬

meaBADboy, the Topix troll who has long stalked me and was responsible for hacking

me, has been running all over Topix bragging about this, including on the Topix Mod

threads, including in Greeneville TN.

He has long claimed affiliation with Topix, and claims to work for them. Note his typical

snotty attitude:

meaBADboy: “My hacking as a Topix employee is fully leagal and sanctioned by Topix

[sticks tongue out, gives wet rasberry]

meaBADboy: “Because I’m a Topix employee Ginny, and I love reading your emails and


I certainly hope not.

I asked Topix Top Mod 8 about this:

_Olive_: “Top Mod 8, bad boy is bragging in Greeneville about his hacking being

sanctioned by Topix”

badboyhacking1331420171-4092409 ¬

bad boy is bragging in Greeneville about his hacking being sanctioned by Topix

He will back off, and say its only a troll game, as he has many times, only to again, make

the claim of working for Topix and being fully supported by them, in all that he does there.

That is saying a lot, because he spends so much time and effort there. He is on Topix,

day and night. I do not see how it is possible for him to have any other employment.

Just saying.

­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­

strangesmoke1331425437.jpg ¬



­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­

Circus on Parade

So there…”

atwell1331573608-7054496 ¬

meaBADboy, the circus midget­like Topix troll who claims to work for Topix…… oooooo

kaaayy……………. has taken his appeal to the big brass on Topix, two Topix moderators

threads on their main Topix forum, Top Mod 15’s thread and the Top Mod 8’s thread.

These threads are where posters bring their issues to the Mods, also lots of friendly

chatting goes on there, along with fighting.

TM8 here is the one who gave me the information necessary to hack into your

system in the first place, via interoffice e­memo

meaBADboy wrote:

gave me the information necessary to hack into your system in the first place, via

interoffice e­memo, and also gave me the app on CD that allows me to read your

So, as you can see, all these times comming on here crying, and nothing ever


being done…

Ginny, why are you hassling TM15?????

meaBADboy wrote:

form TM­AF­2315…

sumbit my request and pass along to the proper person within Topix Corporate TM­AF­

2315, “Requistered User Personal Information Request Form.”

actually able to get your e­mail address, password(s) and MAC id’s?”

­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­

Stay tuned.

­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­

I have heard from Topix moderator Top Mod 8, that bad boy is not affiliated with the

company. Hopefully they will be able to halt, his ridiculous incrimination of them.

Stay tuned.

­ ­

meaBADboy is Angry

bad_boy1331668323-9561450 ¬

meaBADboy, came steaming onto the Topix forum thread of Topix Top Mod 8, several of

his comments had been deleted the day before and some of his proxies, banned. He had

picked up a new proxy, and was steaming mad and again, pointing his finger straight at

the Topix Mods. He claims they gave him my passwords:

_Olive_ wrote: You will keep your presence here on Topix

badboy wrote: yep…

“I hate to disalusion you here Ginny.

But, TM8 here is the one who

Well, you can figure it out…



“Ginny, why are you hassling TM15?????

TM8 did…

He didn’t send me the

I told you this.

You don’t believe me?

All TM15 did was

How do you think I was

That really sux for you…

_Olive_ wrote: After you have incriminated the company??? Do you realize how stupid

you are?

badboy wrote: Tell me again who has fallen for all of this hook, line, and sinker???

bawhahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahah


TM8 hates you, Topix hates you, all of those off site webpages you have posted on

has them furious Ginny.

gave me your password(s) and email addresses so I could get to you.

alone already ­ he had nothing to do with it.

I went, again, to the Topix Moderators, Top Mod 8 and Top Mod 15, to ask them about

bad boy’s latest accusations:


Top Mod 8: Bad boy is again making accusations about the Topix moderators,

including that they were complicit in hacking

accusations about the Topix moderators, including that they were complicit in hacking.

“You were banned 4 times now by “HER.”

and email addresses so I could get to you.”

is crazy, after his hacking and allegations pointed directly at Topix staff.

Top Mod 15, bad boy is talking about you, again. He is blaming your colleague

Top Mod 15, bad boy is talking about you, again. He is blaming your colleague


TM8. his claims here is false:

my Ginny banning together.

spreading malicious dirt about Topix, around their main forum.


The Circus continues.

Stay tuned.

­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­

It all gets down, again, to this lashing out/force, and the ineffectiveness of this method. If

Topix really does hate me, to batter me with their foolish trolls, is about as ineffective, and

childish, a solution as possible.

It leads directly into uncontrollable lunacy, as bad boy’s acting out proves. I have a hard

time believing, they would be this incautious. I feel guardedly confident, the Topix Mods

will sort this out.

Stay tuned.

­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­

meaBADboy tries for lucky 21

tm211331825443-2081472 ¬

And guess what Ginny, it’s all true

You were banned 4 times now by “HER.”

She specifically

So leave TM15



Top Mod 8: Bad boy is again making

“She specifically gave me your password(s)

I remind you that his presence here alone,

“You were banned 4 times now by “HER.”

As for the handing over of my passwords etc., he is

We discussed

meaBADboy, took his act to yet another Topix Mod thread on their main Topix forum, a

new Topix Mod, Top Mod 21. That makes three now he has ran to. He posted that Topix

hates me, and especially, my blog. They hate me so much, he says, that the Topix Mods

are aided him in his hacking:

meaBADboy wrote: “Yes Ginny,

TM21 helped.

They all hate you for posting what you did on your webpage about them Ginny.

I had to let him and the Mod know, that criticism is also a part of free speech. One that

according to meaBADboy, Topix hates soooooooooo much, they are supporting hacking

and corporate trolls:

you are admitting to be a corporate troll

So, just to do a re­cap here…… you are admitting to be a corporate troll.

down my little blog, and you kept trolling me on and on and on, you even occupied my

homepage and kept battering away at me.

couldn’t stop talking about it, well, that, along with my hacked emails and pics……..

ALL of the Topix Mods, approve of you doing this, as does Topix, because they are so

mad at me, because of my blog? You are saying that they condone hacking to any critic

just because it makes them mad?

Yes, it lets a lot of rough, hurtful things get posted, but it also lets critics have their voice

This is why it is so defended, as it should be.


I have not heard back yet from Top Mod 21.

Stay tuned.

­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­


I have to assume meaBADboy works for Topix because Topix tolerates this troll who has

posted on every single one of their Mod threads, that Topix sanctions his hacking.

They also continue to allow him to troll me and to sexually harass me on their forums and

post more threats of hacking.

He is not the only one. The Pasadena Troll has also posted she works for Topix. All in all,

I do not know how many corporate trolls Topix employs, but it totally negates their claim

of having a “free” forum, run by its users.

They put much effort into controlling their forums, with a combined effect of having

corporate trolls and banning anyone who speaks out to them a little too well.

Hackering is really, really, really, really bad

I had taken

I put a couple of posts back up, since you

Do you know the meaning of the words free speech?


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