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[Almost] All Are Punished


I’ve had this feeling for awhile that when the Topix scandal finally blows wide open, as it will and soon, when the full weight of it comes to light, the reaction will be stone-silence, the crowd stunned, like at a funeral.

All are Punish’d!!! the speech the Prince gives at the end of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet:


Because the Topix Disaster, is a tragedy.



The son-0f-a-bitch SV Tyrant, Chris Tolles, ran all over the media, over journalists, over every single person who believed in them and in the truth, over so many jobs, over every media ethic.


I guess its time for another crop of news products from journalists. Why is it that when these guys all go onto the field of battle “once more into the breach” style, they don’t understand which side of the Agincourt analogy they are on. They face superior weapons and a difference in culture and ethics. They are the French in this battle. They die. – Chris Tolles, The Bad Guys Win

He ran also over every single Human Right, over every concept of Law, over every concept of Business Ethics and Fairness.

Worst of all, Tolles and his supporters, ran over the importance and sanctity of human life, over every concept of rights in existence in a Society, over every concept of Civilization, of human dignity, of integrity, of the importance of safety of the citizens of our Country and those of the entire World, he ran over every single one of them!

And no one – almost all Media – was able to stop him or to say anything, because their hands were tied either by shared digital ad revenue, or by a controlling interest, or by corrupt lawz and lawyerz, or by not knowing about it ironically because of the media blackout, or by criminality and shared guilt.

They all had to sit on their hands, and shut their mouths, close off their humanity, shut down their common sense, their journalistic sense also, shut it all down.

“See what a scourge is laid upon your Hate

As the Silicon Valley sociopathic media tyrant – the worst of all times – conducted his human experiment, his extremism, his war, on the lives of innocent people by the millions.

“You don’t get to gag the [Topix] users to not talk about you.” “In 2012 everyone is to one degree or another, a public figure.”  “I can sleep pretty soundly.”


Portrait of a Tyrant, Chris Tolles

Profit over People, the deadly, worst-case scenario consequence, of unregulated Capitalism, the profiting off of life-destruction.

Topix Recently Updated Forums

And he has proven on Twitter, Tolles is nothing more than a smarmy, needy fool, a crybaby, who cannot even accept what he has done, to himself. His weakness of character is paraded every day on Twitter, his thin-skin. He would not last one day on Topix, the Tyrant who has enabled so much harm to the lives of other people there. Enabled so many drug deals, so much harm to children. Spread so much bigotry and hatred around the World.

All are punish’d.

They don’t want to admit it and they show it, Eric Schmidt’s and Jared Cohen’s Twitter profiles are loaded with distancing, blame-deflection, trying-to-look-good, as their Google is the biggest culprit in the Topix cover-up, they sure do have a lot to feel guilty about.

And nothing is more important to either man, than to look good! I have never seen so much distancing propaganda as Google puts out. Its a non-stop propaganda machine. OK, whatever, but no one on this planet has the right to harm millions of innocent people, its called criminality. 


Some things you cannot cover-up, not forever anyway. The extent of their data lifting and surveillance, the Harm they have supported, the International bigotries they have raised and farmed, they cannot control themselves, all they are able to do, is to deflect the blame they cannot bear to face, with aggrandizing Spin: The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business  LOL! Google wants to go into Health sciences next… Yikes.

Even the Tech Bloggers, they know it too.

Even Tech Bloggers Hate Themselves

I’ve been asking and asking them and all the press, to do something, to say something, I could not believe that at least one of them, would not say something. It was coming from the Silicon Valley, it was all public, it was important news!

Nothing could have made more clear, the role of the press in a socitey and in a civilization. How important they are. Corner-stones.

The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself. – Camus

As much as I can understand their situation as outlined in the Valleywag article, the pressure they were under, too many families don’t have children anymore, or mothers or fathers, because of Topix hate-for-profit.

The Death of Chartreuse on Topix

Too many cities around the World have for so long dealt with the media disaster of all times! Too many are living in the Dark Ages of the New Digital Age’s feudalism and brutality. Its ice-cold indifference.

There is a very high cost in the spread of so much hatred and bigotry, at a volume like never before. There is a deadly precedent for this, a Historical one. One that was never supposed to happen again, one we were never supposed to forget.


What has happened to our Country? Its not logical to not want to protect the People, as they have not been.

All anything takes though, to solve problems, are enough people saying Enough. I have no doubt that once enough realize the destruction is not contained and is so dangerous, that it affects so many millions of innocent lives. Once they see it, understand what’s happened and understand the danger, to others and to themselves, to the Future, they will start to speak up.

[Almost] all are punish’d, because there were Heroes also, who fought the good fight against such empowered, monied, brutal, censorous, media-silencing oppression. Fought for human rights and dignity, and to make real free speech, Voltaire’s free speech, live.

They are what makes the Future guaranteed to be better.

The dawn will come.


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