Virginia hoge

Almost 9 years later

This blog has been the only lasting resistance to and exposure of Topix which is the biggest media scandal ever. Our entire press was silenced on the biggest hate site, one wrecking destruction to innocent lives around the entire World. ????

It was my post Is Topix Sharing it’s User Data with the NSA? That I got the most wrath for. The State and the NSA have been maligned as invasive on the Internet, yet the mechanics, methods and practice of data invasion was invented on Topix and practiced first on the site.

It’s less the State we have to worry about and more the corruption of the corporation. I say this after many years being targeted by them as a whistleblower on the PRISM scandal. I have seen the extent of the deception being practiced.

All I did in the beginning was to ask the question: Is Topix sharing its user data with the NSA? 

The fury that post unleashed… fury and trolling and censorship over many years, let me know the answer loud and clear. Yes they were.

I had discovered the site data lifting was invented on, they were using its users like human guinea pigs. Topix has been used for all kinds of illicit development. The horrible fact of it remaining unexposed just further proves the danger of the corporation.

The fact human being’s Lives have been open targets in the site proves they do not care about human life. The fact racism and militia building has been enabled and protected on the site proves they are extremists.

This toxic combination of surveillance, censorship and extremism is the realization of the biggest fears of the Surveillance State realized. ????

All I can say at this point is to let the Truth finally be heard.


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