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A Lot To Warn About

[Posted June 17, 2014]


The first post on this blog is from May 18, 2010, Something way funky is going on over at

Yes, there was. A lot funky. A lot to Warn about.






There have been many Exclusives on this blog!

The Topix Drug Forums, the largest on the Net; the Human Sexuality forum; the NSA connection of Topix; Is Topix giving out users personal data to the NSA? Google’s connection to Topix and the NSA; the Cyberwar – the disruption/hostile takeover of Media effort; the growing danger of violent threats, the large Spike in online bigotries, gay-bashing and racism, the uncounted suicides, the mob violence, the Cyberstocks, the great danger in this & more.

All of these should have been cover articles in major newspapers. What a unprecedentedly absurd and bizarre media climate, these past few years have been.

An incredible amount of time has passed since that May, its been too stupid how very thick the Wall of Silence is, and over what? So much Harm, dangerous intrusions to Privacy, Rights being trampled on as basic as the Right to Life, illegal activity happening unchecked, important information people needed to know for their own Safety. Its been very difficult, painful, because what I have been warning and warning about involves so much suffering and destruction of innocent lives, which is not being heard. So long as its not heard, it goes on and on and on.

Not one life should be destroyed without the attention of the community of humanity to decry it, on Topix these numbers go into the millions.


Years of attacks for speaking out also. Censorship like no other, shadowed banned across different platforms. It made me know them though, know how touchy they were and more, how proud they are and how much they believe in bullying, Chris Tolles said as much, when bragging about their “superior weapons”

“they don’t understand which side of the Agincourt analogy they are on. They face superior weapons and a difference in culture and ethics. They are the French in this battle. They die.”

LOL, such dumb posturing  (saving grace, they are idiots).

Still, strong-arming, policing, censorship and data lifting, they are going hand in hand and as I have been warning, this is really, really, really dangerous. We cannot Trust, those who have and are, selling, mining and experimenting with Our data.

Profit over People. They are anti-Human.


Anti-human = Anti-Future.

Everyone needs to hear that, why I have been so persistent.  I am tired though, and more than ready for others to take up the fight for their rights, and to hear the voices too long kept hidden, to understand the scope, breadth and danger of the crises here, long kept hidden. So many sacrifices I have made. I have never made one penny doing this, the Topix trolls posted long ago about accessing my bank records, I have been afraid to open a bank account because of their cyber-stalking.

There are protections I need and have needed, and do not have.

I have gotten by without them and will, as long as I am able to. As I was telling someone the other day, it makes a kind of sense in the mythology of what surely is a struggle of mythological proportions, because what has happened is so much the result of what happens when Greed reaches its final conclusion, and loses any value for human life, makes a commodity off of the destruction of it.

There is no Win, in that. The profit made, is no win, if it had to come off to destruction of another’s life, all the hiding of it, does not change its existence. Talk about Scrouge’s ghosts, talk about baggage. It turns the whole concept of value, the other way round, the right way, the way it need to be, back to the value of Humanity.



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